Vijay S. Mookerjee

According to our database1, Vijay S. Mookerjee authored at least 82 papers between 1993 and 2021.

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Recommendations and Cross-selling: Pricing Strategies when Personalizing Firms Cross-sell.
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Bargaining over Data: When Does Making the Buyer More Informed Help?
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Sustaining a Good Impression: Mechanisms for Selling Partitioned Impressions at Ad Exchanges.
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A Switch in Time Saves the Dime: A Model to Reduce Rental Cost in Cloud Computing.
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Ad-Blockers: A Blessing or a Curse?
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A model to analyze the challenge of using cyber insurance.
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Data-Driven Decisions for Problems with an Unspecified Objective Function.
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How to Deal with Liars? Designing Intelligent Rule-Based Expert Systems to Increase Accuracy or Reduce Cost.
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The Making of a Good Impression: Information Hiding in Ad Exchanges.
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Milking the Quality Test: Improving the Milk Supply Chain Under Competing Collection Intermediaries.
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When Being Hot Is Not Cool: Monitoring Hot Lists for Information Security.
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Impact of Recommender System on Competition Between Personalizing and Non-Personalizing Firms.
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Selling vs. Profiling: Optimizing the Offer Set in Web-Based Personalization.
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Editors' Preface.
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Dynamic competition in IT security: A differential games approach.
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Role Refinement in Access Control: Model and Analysis.
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Making a Good Impression: Information Revelation Policies in Ad Exchanges.
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Efficient Distribution of Water Between Head-Reach and Tail-End Farms in Developing Countries.
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Human Capital Development for Programmers Using Open Source Software.
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Are New IT-Enabled Investment Opportunities Diminishing for Firms?
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Advertising Strategies in Electronic Retailing: A Differential Games Approach.
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To Show or Not Show: Using User Profiling to Manage Internet Advertisement Campaigns at Chitika.
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When Hackers Talk: Managing Information Security Under Variable Attack Rates and Knowledge Dissemination.
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Analyzing Sharing in Peer-to-Peer Networks Under Various Congestion Measures.
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Managing the Versions of a Software Product Under Variable and Endogenous Demand.
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Knowledge sharing and investment decisions in information security.
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Inventory as a Driver of Demand: The Case of Blockbuster Online Rental System.
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An Analysis of Coordination Mechanisms for the U.S. Cash Supply Chain.
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Maintaining Diagnostic Knowledge-Based Systems: A Control-Theoretic Approach.
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Maximizing business value by optimal assignment of jobs to resources in grid computing.
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An admission-control technique for delay reduction in proxy caching.
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Why IT managers don't go for cyber-insurance products.
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Modeling Coordination in Offshore Software Development.
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Do Recommender Systems Always Benefit Firms by Reducing Consumer Search Effort?
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Maximum Commonality Problems: Applications and Analysis.
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A Comparison of Pair Versus Solo Programming Under Different Objectives: An Analytical Approach.
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Is IT Really Becoming a Commodity?
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