Subodha Kumar

According to our database1, Subodha Kumar authored at least 56 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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A Framework for Analyzing Influencer Marketing in Social Networks: Selection and Scheduling of Influencers.
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Does Platform Competition Drive Ratings Inflation? The Impact of Vertical Spillover Effects.
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Are Traditional Performance Reviews Outdated? An Empirical Analysis on Continuous, Real-Time Feedback in the Workplace.
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The Effects of Social Media Content Created by Human Brands on Engagement: Evidence from Indian General Election 2014.
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Designing Personalized Treatment Plans for Breast Cancer.
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Flexible and Committed Advertising Contracts in Electronic Retailing.
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Sustainability Planning for Healthcare Information Exchanges with Supplier Rebate Program.
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Understanding Voluntary Knowledge Provision and Content Contribution Through a Social-Media-Based Prediction Market: A Field Experiment.
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Optimizing Performance-Based Internet Advertisement Campaigns.
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Needle exchange for controlling HIV spread under endogenous infectivity.
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When Being Hot Is Not Cool: Monitoring Hot Lists for Information Security.
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Reassessing Data Quality for Information Products.
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Dynamic pricing and advertising for web content providers.
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Maximizing business value by optimal assignment of jobs to resources in grid computing.
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