Wenping Yuan

According to our database1, Wenping Yuan authored at least 31 papers between 2013 and 2022.

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Impact of Shifts in Vegetation Phenology on the Carbon Balance of a Semiarid Sagebrush Ecosystem.
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How Well Can Matching High Spatial Resolution Landsat Data with Flux Tower Footprints Improve Estimates of Vegetation Gross Primary Production.
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An Open Data Approach for Estimating Vegetation Gross Primary Production at Fine Spatial Resolution.
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High-Resolution Mapping of Winter Cereals in Europe by Time Series Landsat and Sentinel Images for 2016-2020.
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Synchronization, Decoupling, and Regime Shift of Urban Thermal Conditions in Xi'an, an Ancient City in China under Rapid Expansion.
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A Satellite-Based Method for National Winter Wheat Yield Estimating in China.
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