Xi Peng

According to our database1, Xi Peng authored at least 18 papers between 2013 and 2020.

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A Hive-Based Retrieval Optimization Scheme for Long-Term Storage of Massive Call Detail Records.
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Guest Editorial Special Issue on Discriminative Learning for Model Optimization and Statistical Inference.
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Deep Anomaly Detection in Packet Payload.
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DNNRE: A Dynamic Neural Network for Distant Supervised Relation Extraction.
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Bit-Level Power-Law Queueing Theory with Applications in LTE Networks.
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Accelerating magnetic resonance imaging via deep learning.
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Analyses and comparisons of SCL files in substation configurator.
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Learning face recognition from limited training data using deep neural networks.
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Battery remaining useful life prediction algorithm based on support vector regression and unscented particle filter.
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MR Image Reconstruction with Convolutional Characteristic Constraint (CoCCo).
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An easily-achieved time-domain beamformer for ultrafast ultrasound imaging based on compressive sensing.
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