Li Tang

According to our database1, Li Tang authored at least 83 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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Robust matrix completion with complex noise.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2020

An investigation of the relationship between scientists' mobility to/from China and their research performance.
J. Informetrics, 2020

Chimbuko: A Workflow-Level Scalable Performance Trace Analysis Tool.
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A W-Band 3-D Integrated Mini-SAR System With High Imaging Resolution on UAV Platform.
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A Novel Scaffolding Algorithm Based on Contig Error Correction and Path Extension.
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Computational reproducibility of scientific workflows at extreme scales.
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Adaptive neural control for switched non-linear systems with multiple tracking error constraints.
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SCOP: a novel scaffolding algorithm based on contig classification and optimization.
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Convolutional LSTM Network with Hierarchical Attention for Relation Classification in Clinical Texts.
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Predicting the direction of stock markets using optimized neural networks with Google Trends.
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EPAK: A Computational Intelligence Model for 2-level Prediction of Stock Indices.
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Use Cases of Computational Reproducibility for Scientific Workflows at Exascale.
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AllerGAtlas 1.0: a human allergy-related genes database.
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Mountain Topograhic Deformation Extracation Based on Ps-Insar.
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K-Nearest Neighbor Regression with Principal Component Analysis for Financial Time Series Prediction.
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Attention-Based CNN-BLSTM Networks for Joint Intent Detection and Slot Filling.
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PeaPaw: Performance and Energy-Aware Partitioning of Workload on Heterogeneous Platforms.
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HisgAtlas 1.0: a human immunosuppression gene database.
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A Realtime Object Detection Algorithm Based on Limited Computing Resource.
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The Calibration Method of Humanoid Robot Based on Double Support Constraints.
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LSLS: A Novel Scaffolding Method Based on Path Extension.
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Exploiting Non-Volatility for Information Processing.
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Biomedical analysis of HbA1c based on microfluidic chips.
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Estimation of the Most Critical Parameter for the Two-Movement Method to Compensate for Oscillations Caused by Control Valve Stiction.
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UAV image registration algorithm based on overlapping region detrction.
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Assessment of soil moisture using HJ-1B remotely sensed data and synchronous experiment data.
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Modeling and Solving TCP Incast Problem in Data Center Networks.
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Application of artificial bee colony algorithm on surface wave data.
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Congestion-aware adaptive forwarding in datacenter networks.
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PerDome: a performance model for heterogeneous computing systems.
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Low-Complexity Encoding of Quasi-Cyclic Codes Based on Galois Fourier Transform.
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Adaptive control for a class of chemical reactor systems in discrete-time form.
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A Refined MCMC Sampling from RKHS for PAC-Bayes Bound Calculation.
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Interference Coordination for Co-Channel Deployed Macrocell and Small Cell Cluster.
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Predicting the Outer/Inner BetaStrands in Protein Beta Sheets Based on the Random Forest Algorithm.
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Adaptive NN Control for a Class of Chemical Reactor Systems.
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Low-complexity encoding of binary quasi-cyclic codes based on Galois Fourier transform.
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Taming TCP incast throughput collapse in data center networks.
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Optimization of MCMC sampling algorithm for the calculation of PAC-Bayes bound.
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GPU acceleration of Data Assembly in Finite Element Methods and its energy implications.
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Shuffled complex evolution approach for effective and efficient surface wave analysis.
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On the Role of Co-design in High Performance Computing.
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Characterizing the L1 Data Cache's Vulnerability to Transient Errors in Chip-Multiprocessors.
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Analysis on Liquid-Tanker Vehicle Liquid and Solid Coupling Collision Simulation.
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CORS: A cooperative overlay routing service to enhance interactive multimedia communications.
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An investigation of the Internet's IP-layer connectivity.
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Human GITRLaa50-177 Expressed in Bac-to-Bac Baculovirus Expression System.
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Pigeon: a framework for testing peer-to-peer massively multiplayer online games over heterogeneous network.
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Chinese information retrieval based on terms and relevant terms.
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An Iterative Factorization Method Based on Rank 1 for Projective Structure and Motion.
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