Xiaomei Tang

According to our database1, Xiaomei Tang authored at least 20 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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Receiver Differential Code Bias Estimation under Disturbed Ionosphere Status Using Linear Planar Model Based Minimum Standard Deviation Searching Method with Bias Detection.
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Unbiased Interference Suppression Method Based on Spectrum Compensation.
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A Deceptive Interference Cancellation for GNSS Receiver with Small Forwarding Delay.
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Conservative Sensor Error Modeling Using a Modified Paired Overbound Method and its Application in Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems.
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Analysis of the GNSS Code-Carrier Hardware Delay Difference in RTK Process: Effect, Measurement and Calibration.
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Cascaded Interference and Multipath Suppression Method Using Array Antenna for GNSS Receiver.
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Acceleration Method for Software Signal Simulators of BDS Navigation Signals and RDSS Signals Based on GPGPU.
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Strobe double phase estimator: a multipath mitigating technique for BOC signal in GNSS based on double phase estimator.
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An Open Loop With Kalman Filter for Intermittent GNSS Signal Tracking.
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A Design Method of Code Correlation Reference Waveform in GNSS Based on Least-Squares Fitting.
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A Zero Bias Frequency-Domain Interference Suppressor for GNSS Receivers.
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Unambiguous S-Curve Shaping for Multipath Mitigation for BOC(1, 1) Modulated Signals in GNSS.
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The design and implement of Internet intelligence agent in electronic commerce environment.
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