Xiaoya Zhang

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According to our database1, Xiaoya Zhang authored at least 52 papers between 2011 and 2024.

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Learnable quantile polynomial chaos expansion: An uncertainty quantification method for interval reliability analysis.
Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf., 2024

8-10% of algorithmic recommendations are 'bad', but... an exploratory risk-utility meta-analysis and its regulatory implications.
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Solving spatiotemporal partial differential equations with Physics-informed Graph Neural Network.
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Parameterized coefficient fine-tuning-based polynomial chaos expansion method for sphere-biconic reentry vehicle reliability analysis and design.
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Key Factors for Improving the Resolution of Mapped Sea Surface Height from Multi-Satellite Altimeters in the South China Sea.
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Tube-Embedded Transformer for Pixel Prediction.
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High-Precision ZTD Model of Altitude-Related Correction.
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WildFishNet: Open Set Wild Fish Recognition Deep Neural Network With Fusion Activation Pattern.
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Embedded elbow vein blood collection robot system based on artificial intelligence technology.
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Benchmarking the Physical-world Adversarial Robustness of Vehicle Detection.
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Bayesian evolutionary optimization for crafting high-quality adversarial examples with limited query budget.
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OA-Bug: An Olfactory-Auditory Augmented Bug Algorithm for Swarm Robots in a Denied Environment.
IROS, 2023

Adaptive Resource Provisioning in Optical Network for Power Grid.
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A Method for Flow Field Reconstruction based on Fourier Neural Operator Network.
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A High-Throughput Scheduler based on Multipath-State Machine in Wireless Networks.
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Consistency regularization-based deep polynomial chaos neural network method for reliability analysis.
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Comprehensive Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieval and Application Platform Based on Various Water Vapor Detection Techniques.
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A novel meta-learning initialization method for physics-informed neural networks.
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Inertial proximal incremental aggregated gradient method with linear convergence guarantees.
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Context-dependent emotion recognition.
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A novel enhanced exploration firefly algorithm for global continuous optimization problems.
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Robust Regression with Highly Corrupted Data via Physics Informed Neural Networks.
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Physics-informed MTA-UNet: Prediction of Thermal Stress and Thermal Deformation of Satellites.
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Heat Source Layout Optimization Using Automatic Deep Learning Surrogate Model and Multimodal Neighborhood Search Algorithm.
CoRR, 2022

RANG: A Residual-based Adaptive Node Generation Method for Physics-Informed Neural Networks.
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Parameterized Consistency Learning-based Deep Polynomial Chaos Neural Network Method for Reliability Analysis in Aerospace Engineering.
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A physics and data co-driven surrogate modeling approach for temperature field prediction on irregular geometric domain.
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Searching for Robust Neural Architectures via Comprehensive and Reliable Evaluation.
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Physics-Informed Deep Monte Carlo Quantile Regression method for Interval Multilevel Bayesian Network-based Satellite Heat Reliability Analysis.
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Deep Learning Based Thermal Stress and Deformation Analysis of Satellites.
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Medicare Fraud Gang Discovery Based on Community Discovery Algorithms.
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Node Similarity-based Search Method for Medical Insurance Heterogeneous Information Network.
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FCA: Learning a 3D Full-Coverage Vehicle Camouflage for Multi-View Physical Adversarial Attack.
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Construction and empirical research on acceptance model of service robots applied in hotel industry.
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Superpoint Network for Point Cloud Oversegmentation.
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Study on Characteristics of Metric-aware Multipath Algorithms in Real Heterogeneous Networks.
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Global complexity analysis of inexact successive quadratic approximation methods for regularized optimization under mild assumptions.
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Space-Ground Integrated Information Network Enabled Internet of Vehicles: Architecture and Key Mechanisms.
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Human-in-the-loop image segmentation and annotation.
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A Deep Learning-Based Method for Heat Source Layout Inverse Design.
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Cross-Modal Pattern-Propagation for RGB-T Tracking.
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