Qing Jiang

According to our database1, Qing Jiang authored at least 43 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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A Direct Approach of Path Planning Using Environmental Contours.
J. Intell. Robotic Syst., 2021

A Cleaning Control Knowledge-Based System Based on Complex Problem Solving.
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Classification Algorithm of Case Retrieval Based on Granularity Calculation of Quotient Space.
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Indoor WLAN Intelligent Target Intrusion Sensing Using Ray-Aided Generative Adversarial Network.
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Entry-Prohibited Effect of kHz Pulsed Magnetic Field Upon Interaction Between SPIO Nanoparticles and Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
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A study of entity-linking methods for normalizing Chinese diagnosis and procedure terms to ICD codes.
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Prediction of Cleaning Loss of Combine Harvester Based on Neural Network.
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A Knowledge-Based System for Disaster Emergency Relief.
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Model checks for functional linear regression models based on projected empirical processes.
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Research on intelligent traffic light control system based on dynamic Bayesian reasoning.
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A Localization Algorithm Based on Emulating Large Bandwidth with Passive RFID Tags.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Security - 6th International Conference, 2020

D2D Cooperative Localization Approach Based on Euclidean Distance Matrix Completion.
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Sliding Trend Fuzzy Approximate Entropy as a Novel Descriptor of Heart Rate Variability in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
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Asymptotics, finite-sample comparisons and applications for two-sample tests with functional data.
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Research on Management System of Automatic Driver Decision-Making Knowledge Base for Unmanned Vehicle.
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Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy on a Harvester's Controller Based on MATLAB Environment.
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Study on the Modeling Method of Knowledge Base System in Web Environment.
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TS-I3D Based Hand Gesture Recognition Method With Radar Sensor.
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Precise Direction Detector: Indoor Localization System Based on Commodity Wi-Fi.
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Centimeter-Level Localization Algorithm with RFID Passive Tags.
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A Pseudorange Difference Positioning Algorithm for Automatic Driving.
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A sparsity-based stochastic pooling mechanism for deep convolutional neural networks.
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An efficient tile size selection model based on machine learning.
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A method to detect sleep apnea based on deep neural network and hidden Markov model using single-lead ECG signal.
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Detection of Respiration Movement Asymmetry Between the Left and Right Lungs Using Mutual Information and Transfer Entropy.
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Device-free Human Activity Recognition Based on Random Subspace Classifier Ensemble.
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Recognizing human actions by two-level Beta process hidden Markov model.
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Two-Type Information Fusion Based IP-to-AS Mapping Table Refining.
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A Respiration-Derived Posture Method Based on Dual-Channel Respiration Impedance Signals.
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Fabrication of a Micro-Needle Array Electrode by Thermal Drawing for Bio-Signals Monitoring.
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A method for action recognition based on pose and interest points.
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A Novel Methodologyof Router-To-ASMapping inspired by Community Discovery.
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Positioning Error vs. Signal Distribution: An Analysis Towards Lower Error Bound in WLAN Fingerprint Based Indoor Localization.
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Real-time periodic task scheduling considering load-balance in multiprocessor environment.
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A clustering scheme for Reachback Firefly Synchronicity in wireless sensor networks.
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LiveBT: Providing Video-on-Demand Streaming Service over BitTorrent Systems.
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A Novel Method for Finding Good Local Guides in Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Natural Computation, 2007

Combining case-based and model-based reasoning: a formal specification.
Proceedings of the 7th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2000), 2000