Yun Shi

Orcid: 0009-0007-4038-0430

According to our database1, Yun Shi authored at least 78 papers between 1999 and 2024.

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IEEE Fellow

IEEE Fellow 2005, "For contributions to multidimensional signal processing.".



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A refined therapeutic plan based on the machine-learning prognostic model of liver hepatocellular carcinoma.
Comput. Biol. Medicine, February, 2024

Classification of recurrent major depressive disorder using a residual denoising autoencoder framework: Insights from large-scale multisite fMRI data.
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The self-coordination mean-variance strategy in continuous time.
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Hybrid strategy in multiperiod mean-variance framework.
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Beta and Coskewness Pricing: Perspective from Probability Weighting.
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Time consistent in efficiency dynamic mean-variance policy.
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Work More Tomorrow: Resolving Present Bias in Project Management.
Oper. Res., January, 2023

Discrete-Time Mean-Variance Strategy Based on Reinforcement Learning.
CoRR, 2023

Augmentation Method for High Intra-Class Variation Data in Apple Detection.
Sensors, 2022

Comprehensive Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieval and Application Platform Based on Various Water Vapor Detection Techniques.
Remote. Sens., 2022

A Global Conversion Factor Model for Mapping Zenith Total Delay onto Precipitable Water.
Remote. Sens., 2022

A Deep-Neural-Network-Based Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval from Landsat-8 Top of Atmosphere Data.
Remote. Sens., 2022

Comprehensive Analysis and Validation of the Atmospheric Weighted Mean Temperature Models in China.
Remote. Sens., 2022

Improved image representation and sparse representation for face recognition.
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MobileNet Based Apple Leaf Diseases Identification.
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An Efficient Method for Estimating Wheat Heading Dates Using UAV Images.
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EasyIDP: A Python Package for Intermediate Data Processing in UAV-Based Plant Phenotyping.
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Multi-period mean-variance portfolio optimization with management fees.
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Soft-Aligned Gradient-Chaining Network for Height Estimation From Single Aerial Images.
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Probability Integral Method Parameter Determination by SBAS-InSAR Technology and GWO Algorithm.
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Calculation and Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon Emissions in China's Foreign Trade Based on Value-Added Trade.
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Borrower Learning Effects: Do Prior Experiences Promote Continuous Successes in Peer-to-Peer Lending?
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Choroid Segmentation of Retinal OCT Images Based on CNN Classifier and l 2 - l q Fitter.
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ACTL: Asymmetric Convolutional Transfer Learning for Tree Species Identification Based on Deep Neural Network.
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Assessing Palliative Care Needs Using Machine Learning Approaches.
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On Time-Series InSAR by SA-SVR Algorithm: Prediction and Analysis of Mining Subsidence.
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Design of Chinese Character Coded Targets for Feature Point Recognition Under Motion-Blur Effect.
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Machine learning based fast multi-layer liquefaction disaster assessment.
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Explicit Solution for Constrained Scalar-State Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Control With Multiplicative Noise.
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A Dyna-Q-Based Solution for UAV Networks Against Smart Jamming Attacks.
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Finer Classification of Crops by Fusing UAV Images and Sentinel-2A Data.
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Evaluation of the Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) Aerosol Algorithm for Himawari-8 Data.
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A survey on visualization of tensor field.
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Resilience and Its Thresholds of Scientific Collaboration Network.
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3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Crop Classification with Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images.
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Design of incentive scheme using contract theory in energy-harvesting enabled sensor networks.
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Two-stage no-wait hybrid flowshop scheduling with inter-stage flexibility.
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Dynamic Mode Decomposition Based Video Shot Detection.
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Research on Handover Strategy of Low Orbit Spacecraft Based on Multi-beam GEO Communication Satellite.
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Multi-modal Plant Leaf Recognition Based on Centroid-Contour Distance and Local Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis.
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Study on the Coupling Relationship Between Land Surface Composition and Land Surface Temperature Based on 3S Technology.
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eFarm: A Tool for Better Observing Agricultural Land Systems.
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Improved Wallis Dodging Algorithm for Large-Scale Super-Resolution Reconstruction Remote Sensing Images.
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Da, a Good Supervisor and a Nice Friend.
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Research on Negotiation Game of Supply-Sale Contract of Agricultural Products Based on Bargaining Model.
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