Yang Mi

According to our database1, Yang Mi authored at least 25 papers between 2013 and 2020.

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Energy Management for Hybrid AC/DC Distribution System With Microgrid Clusters Using Non-Cooperative Game Theory and Robust Optimization.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2020

Dual-Branch Network With a Subtle Motion Detector for Microaction Recognition in Videos.
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Shadow Removal by a Lightness-Guided Network with Training on Unpaired Data.
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Low-Complexity Model Predictive Control of AC/DC Converter With Constant Switching Frequency.
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Intelligent Power Sharing of DC Isolated Microgrid Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode Droop Control.
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Droop Control for DC Multi-Microgrids Based on Local Adaptive Fuzzy Approach and Global Power Allocation Correction.
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CNN-Based Facial Expression Recognition from Annotated RGB-D Images for Human-Robot Interaction.
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Recognizing Micro Actions in Videos: Learning Motion Details via Segment-Level Temporal Pyramid.
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An Improved Direct Load Flow Approach for Unbalanced Active Distribution Networks with Multiple Voltage Levels and Configurations.
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An Efficient Joint Coordination of Volt-Var Support in Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Feeders.
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Position-Based Beamforming Design for UAV Communications in LTE Networks.
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Sensor-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Efficient UAV Video Coding.
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The novel frequency control method for PV-diesel hybrid system.
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