Liang Wu

According to our database1, Liang Wu authored at least 70 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Spanning-Tree-Based Synchronization Conditions for Second-Order Kuramoto Networks.
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A 9.8-30.1 GHz CMOS low-noise amplifier with a 3.2-dB noise figure using inductor- and transformer-based g<sub>m</sub>-boosting techniques.
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Iot based laundry services: an application of big data analytics, intelligent logistics management, and machine learning techniques.
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A Note on Wavelet-Based Estimator of the Hurst Parameter.
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Joint Multifractal Analysis and Source Testing of River Level Records Based on Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis.
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A Deep Learning Approach Replacing the Finite Difference Method for In Situ Stress Prediction.
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Exploring Users' Temporal Characteristics of "Purchase and Comment" Behaviors Based on Human Dynamics.
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How Airbnb Tells You Will Enjoy Sunset Sailing in Barcelona? Recommendation in a Two-Sided Travel Marketplace.
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Above 60 GHz Bandwidth 10 GS/s Sampling Rate Track-and-Hold Amplifier in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology.
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Effects of Taiji on Participants' Knees: A Behavioral-Modeling Approach.
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Knowledge-Graph Augmented Word Representations for Named Entity Recognition.
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An Assembled Detector Based on Geometrical Constraint for Power Component Recognition.
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Extracting the mechanisms and kinetic models of complex reactions from atomistic simulation data.
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Optimising the mining strategy of web page based on ant colony algorithm of information entropy.
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Capturing Evolution Genes for Time Series Data.
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Editing Text in the Wild.
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Analysis of DC-link Current of Parallel Three-phase Inverters under Unbalanced Output Currents.
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A 70 GHz Small-signal Bandwidth 40 GS/s Track-and-Hold Amplifier in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology.
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Sensor-Assisted Global Motion Estimation for Efficient UAV Video Coding.
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A V-Band CMOS VCO With Digitally-Controlled Inductor for Frequency Tuning.
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Predicting Thermodynamic Properties of Alkanes by High-Throughput Force Field Simulation and Machine Learning.
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Automatic lung nodule detection using a 3D deep convolutional neural network combined with a multi-scale prediction strategy in chest CTs.
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On adverse drug event extractions using twitter sentiment analysis.
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Locality preserving hashing for fast image search: theory and applications.
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A scalable algorithm for structure identification of complex gene regulatory network from temporal expression data.
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Path Loss Measurement and Modeling for Low-Altitude UAV Access Channels.
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Physical analysis and modeling of the nonlinear miller capacitance for SiC MOSFET.
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Caching-Based Scalable Video Transmission Over Cellular Networks.
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AES design improvement towards information safety.
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A Self-Alignment Algorithm for SINS Based on Gravitational Apparent Motion and Sensor Data Denoising.
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A Third Order Fast Sweeping Method with Linear Computational Complexity for Eikonal Equations.
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Estimation of self-similar Gaussian fields using wavelet transform.
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Wavelet-based Estimator for the Hurst Parameters of Fractional Brownian Sheet.
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A reduced-form intensity-based model under fuzzy environments.
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Scalable transmission over heterogenous networks.
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An AMLED microdisplay driver SoC with built-in 1.25-Mb/s VLC transmitter.
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A fully integrated IEEE 802.15.7 visible light communication transmitter with on-chip 8-W 85% efficiency boost LED driver.
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Exploration of Hybrid Teaching of Software Engineering on StarC.
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Twitter opinion mining for adverse drug reactions.
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Analysis in-Depth of the Factors that Impact the Development of E-Commerce in Underdeveloped Areas from the Perspective of Operating Process.
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A Comparative Study on MIS Research In Mainland China and Abroad (2002-2010).
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Spatial Statistical Modeling for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks - An Empirical Study.
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Towards indoor localization using Visible Light Communication for consumer electronic devices.
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Research on the Path Sorting Efficiency of TFTA Back-Tracing Algorithm Based on the Concept of Entropy.
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Content Reconstruction Using Keystroke Dynamics: Preliminary Results.
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A 41-mW 30-Gb/s CMOS optical receiver with digitally-tunable cascaded equalization.
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Recovering upper-body motion using a reinitialization particle filter.
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Influence Factors of E-commerce Adoption: An Empirical Research in Special Markets.
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