Yi-Cheng Zhang

According to our database1, Yi-Cheng Zhang authored at least 66 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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Stock market index prediction based on reservoir computing models.
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Toward Structural Controllability and Predictability in Directed Networks.
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Path diversity improves the identification of influential spreaders.
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Recommender Systems
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Adaptive model for recommendation of news
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Degree correlation effect of bipartite network on personalized recommendation
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Effect of user tastes on personalized recommendation
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Collaborative filtering with diffusion-based similarity on tripartite graphs
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Collaborative filtering based on multi-channel diffusion
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Personalized Recommendation via Integrated Diffusion on User-Item-Tag Tripartite Graphs
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Being accurate is not enough: measuring and optimizing the diversity of recommendations
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Highly accurate recommendation algorithm based on high-order similarities.
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Recommendation model based on opinion diffusion
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Information filtering via Iterative Refinement
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Manifesto for the Reputation Society.
First Monday, 2004

The Interactive Minority Game: a Web-based investigation of human market interactions
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