Yi Liu

  • Xidian University, School of Microelectronics, Xi'an, China (PhD 2010)

According to our database1, Yi Liu authored at least 22 papers between 2013 and 2023.

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Machine learning based prediction model for single event burnout hardening design of power MOSFETs.
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A Machine Learning Mapping Algorithm for NoC Optimization.
Symmetry, February, 2023

Ultra-low latency spiking neural networks with spatio-temporal compression and synaptic convolutional block.
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SLSSNN: High energy efficiency spike-train level spiking neural networks with spatio-temporal conversion.
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Optimization Strategy of Regular NoC Mapping Using Genetic-Based Hyper-Heuristic Algorithm.
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Direct Training via Backpropagation for Ultra-Low-Latency Spiking Neural Networks with Multi-Threshold.
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Comparison in radiation tolerance between FLR planar junction termination and positive bevel edge termination for power diodes.
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A Q-Learning-Based Fault-Tolerant and Congestion-Aware Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Networks-on-Chip.
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Ultra-low Latency Adaptive Local Binary Spiking Neural Network with Accuracy Loss Estimator.
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A 2.6 GΩ, 1.4 μV<sub>rms</sub> current-reuse instrumentation amplifier for wearable electrocardiogram monitoring.
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Direct Training via Backpropagation for Ultra-low Latency Spiking Neural Networks with Multi-threshold.
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Machine Learning Regression based Single Event Transient Modeling Method for Circuit-Level Simulation.
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