Yoones A. Sekhavat

According to our database1, Yoones A. Sekhavat authored at least 26 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Battle of minds: a new interaction approach in BCI games through competitive reinforcement.
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CFM: collusion-free model of privacy preserving frequent itemset mining.
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Collaboration or battle between minds? An attention training game through collaborative and competitive reinforcement.
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Play with One's Feelings: A Study on Emotion Awareness for Player Experience.
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Projection-Based AR: Effective Visual Feedback in Gait Rehabilitation.
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The effect of tracking technique on the quality of user experience for augmented reality mobile navigation.
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Sense of Immersion in Computer Games Using Single and Stereoscopic Augmented Reality.
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Privacy Preserving Cloth Try-On Using Mobile Augmented Reality.
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An image encryption scheme based on elliptic curve pseudo random and Advanced Encryption System.
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