Zheng Fang

According to our database1, Zheng Fang authored at least 62 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Poisson Vector Graphics (PVG).
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Fast Construction of Discrete Geodesic Graphs.
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Maintaining Semantic Information across Generic 3D Model Editing Operations.
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Machine Learning of Time Series Using Time-delay Embedding and Precision Annealing.
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Direct Depth SLAM: Sparse Geometric Feature Enhanced Direct Depth SLAM System for Low-Texture Environments.
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基于Bottom-hat频谱方法的运动模糊参数估计方法 (Motion Blur Parameters Estimation Based on Bottom-hat Using Spectrum).
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Parallel and Scalable Heat Method.
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Towards An Architecture-Centric Approach to Manage Variability of Cloud Robotics.
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Poisson Vector Graphics (PVG) and Its Closed-Form Solver.
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Discrete geodesic graph (DGG) for computing geodesic distances on polyhedral surfaces.
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An operator expansions method for computing Dirichlet-Neumann operators in linear elastodynamics.
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RTP Payload Format for the Enhanced Variable Rate Narrowband-Wideband Codec (EVRC-NW).
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Quantify sales impact of location-based advertising.
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