Zhe Fu

According to our database1, Zhe Fu authored at least 51 papers between 2004 and 2023.

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DOA estimation for uniform circular array without the source number based on beamspace transform and higher-order cumulant.
Phys. Commun., August, 2023

High-frequency forecasting of the crude oil futures price with multiple timeframe predictions fusion.
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ELASTIC: Edge Workload Forecasting based on Collaborative Cloud-Edge Deep Learning.
Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference 2023, 2023

Wisdom of Crowds and Fine-Grained Learning for Serendipity Recommendations.
Proceedings of the 46th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, 2023

Cooperative Driving for Speed Harmonization in Mixed-Traffic Environments.
Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2023

How Does User Engagement Support Content Moderation? A Deep Learning-based Comparative Study.
Proceedings of the 29th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2023

An sEMG-Based Human-Exoskeleton Interface Fusing Convolutional Neural Networks With Hand-Crafted Features.
Frontiers Neurorobotics, September, 2022

TRACE: Travel Reinforcement Recommendation Based on Location-Aware Context Extraction.
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Stock Price Crash Warning in the Chinese Security Market Using a Machine Learning-Based Method and Financial Indicators.
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Multisensory Fusion, Haptic, and Visual Feedback Teleoperation System Under IoT Framework.
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An IoT and Wearables-Based Smart Home for ALS Patients.
IEEE Internet Things J., 2022

High-Frequency Direction Forecasting of the Futures Market Using a Machine-Learning-Based Method.
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SoC-Cluster as an Edge Server: an Application-driven Measurement Study.
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Piezoresistive-Based Gait Monitoring Technique for the Recognition of Knee Osteoarthritis Patients.
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A phase-based relative localization method using a mobile platform with minimal reference tags.
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Learning energy-efficient driving behaviors by imitating experts.
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Rearranged coprime array to increase degrees of freedom and reduce mutual coupling.
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CE-DIFF: An Approach to Identifying and Coping with Irregular Ratings in Collaborative Decision Making.
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A novel hybrid method for direction forecasting and trading of Apple Futures.
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A Decision Support System for Trading in Apple Futures Market Using Predictions Fusion.
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A fast phase and RSSI-based localization method using Passive RID System with Mobile Platform.
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High-performance Four-channel Analog Optical Transceiver for 5G ARoF-based Mobile Fronthaul.
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From cloud to edge: a first look at public edge platforms.
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Multi-rate coprime sampling for frequency estimation with increased degrees of freedom.
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An ISAR-SAR based Localization Method using Passive UHF RFID System with Mobile Robotic Platform.
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Surface Deformation of High-Speed Railway Between Changchun and Harbin Based on Time-Series Insar Techinque.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2020

Fourth Order Cumulant Based Active Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Coprime Arrays.
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Astraea: Deploy AI Services at the Edge in Elegant Ways.
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Coprime sampling with embedded random delays.
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A hybrid method for crude oil price direction forecasting using multiple timeframes dynamic time wrapping and genetic algorithm.
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Dynamic Time Warping and Spectral Clustering Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Railway Point Machines.
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Joint Distortion Estimation and Layer Selection of Unequal Error Protection for SVC Video Transmission over FSO Networks.
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Intelligent and efficient grouping algorithms for large-scale regular expressions.
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HES: Highly Efficient and Scalable Technique for Matching Regex Patterns.
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Multi-core HTB for bandwidth sharing.
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bitFA: A Novel Data Structure for Fast and Update-friendly Regular Expression Matching.
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Long distance passive UHF RFID system over ethernet cable.
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CORAL: A multi-core lock-free rate limiting framework.
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Efficient Parallelization of Regular Expression Matching for Deep Inspection.
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AP MATRIX: A new access point architecture for reliable public Wi-Fi services.
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