Di Li

According to our database1, Di Li authored at least 28 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Rough intuitionistic type-2 fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for MR image segmentation.
IET Image Processing, 2019

A New Hybrid Algorithm for Retinal Vessels Segmentation on Fundus Images.
IEEE Access, 2019

Management Response to Online Customer Reviews in Distribution Channel: A Perspective of Manufacturers.
Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2019

Corporate Governance and Costs of Equity: Theory and Evidence.
Management Science, 2018

From Eliza to XiaoIce: challenges and opportunities with social chatbots.
Frontiers of IT & EE, 2018

Design of mm-wave amplifiers based on over & under neutralization techniques.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2018

6 Gbps 16QAM fully integrated receiver using optimized neutralization technique LNA in 90 nm CMOS.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2018

A 60-GHz 360° 5-Bit Phase Shifter With Constant IL Compensation Followed by a Normal Amplifier With ±1 dB Gain Variation and 0.6-dBm OP-1dB.
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, 2017

Detection of Guanine and Adenine Using an Aminated Reduced Graphene Oxide Functional Membrane-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode.
Sensors, 2017

Touch screen defect inspection based on sparse representation in low resolution images.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2016

A Retinex Algorithm for Image Enhancement Based on Recursive Bilateral Filtering.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2015

A Novel Framework for Analysis of Global Network Neutrality Based on Packet Loss Rate.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data, 2015

RTDA: A Novel Reusable Truthful Double Auction Mechanism for Wireless Spectrum Management.
Proceedings of the Big Data Computing and Communications - First International Conference, 2015

A Network Attack Model based on Colored Petri Net.
JNW, 2014

Gain adaptive sliding mode controller based on interval type-II fuzzy neural network designed for attitude control for micro aircraft vehicle.
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A Utility-Aware Runtime Conflict Resolver for Composite Web Services.
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Sentiment analysis on Weibo data.
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Adaptive robust control of wheeled mobile robot with uncertainties.
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Cooperative Redundancy Elimination in Data Center Networks with Wireless Cards at Routers.
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High dynamic range video with synthesized gain control.
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Robust control of quadrotor MAV using self-organizing interval type-II fuzzy neural networks (SOIT-IIFNNs) controller.
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Data Integration Platform for Village Emergency.
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Analysis on traffic flow data and extraction of nonlinear characteristic quantities.
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Wireless Sensor Technology Used in Transformer's Condition Monitoring System.
Proceedings of the International Conference on E-Business and E-Government, 2010

Cluster-based Channel Assignment for Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks.
Proceedings of the Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science, 2010

New Approach for Embedded Computer Numeric Control Development.
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Naïve Bayes Text Classifier.
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Model-Driven Development of Real-Time Software Based on OMG Standards.
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control (ICICIC 2006), 30 August, 2006