Zhijiang Zhang

According to our database1, Zhijiang Zhang authored at least 25 papers between 2009 and 2019.

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Portable System for Box Volume Measurement Based on Line-Structured Light Vision and Deep Learning.
Sensors, 2019

Three-Dimensional Measurement Method of Four-View Stereo Vision Based on Gaussian Process Regression.
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Proposal pyramid networks for fast face detection.
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Multi-oriented text detection from natural scene images based on a CNN and pruning non-adjacent graph edges.
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A Riesz Basis Galerkin Method for the Tempered Fractional Laplacian.
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A New Vegetation Index Based on Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Images for Discriminating Heavy Metal Stress Levels in Rice.
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Bag of Shape Features with a learned pooling function for shape recognition.
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Volumeter: 3D human body parameters measurement with a single Kinect.
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Text detection in scene images based on exhaustive segmentation.
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Geometry-Based Global Alignment for GSMS Remote Sensing Images.
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Abnormal event detection in crowded scenes using two sparse dictionaries with saliency.
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Numerical approaches to the functional distribution of anomalous diffusion with both traps and flights.
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Shape recognition by bag of contour fragments with a learned pooling function.
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Spatial-temporal convolutional neural networks for anomaly detection and localization in crowded scenes.
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Multiple instance subspace learning via partial random projection tree for local reflection symmetry in natural images.
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Object Skeleton Extraction in Natural Images by Fusing Scale-associated Deep Side Outputs.
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Frequency Partitioning Methods to Mitigate Cross-Tier Interference in Two-Tier Femtocell Networks.
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Fast large-scale object retrieval with binary quantization.
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Unusual event detection in crowded scenes by trajectory analysis.
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DeepContour: A deep convolutional feature learned by positive-sharing loss for contour detection.
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Regularity Guaranteed Human Pose Correction.
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Ensemble of Randomized Linear Discriminant Analysis for face recognition with single sample per person.
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Anatomy-Based Modeling, Muscle-Based Animating and Math-Based Representing of Human Eyes.
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