Hao Luo

According to our database1, Hao Luo authored at least 100 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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Bandwidth Allocation of Cognitive Relay Networks with Energy Harvesting for Smart Grid.
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Health Status Prediction Based on Belief Rule Base for High-Speed Train Running Gear System.
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A Semi-Quantitative Information Based Fault Diagnosis Method for the Running Gears System of High-Speed Trains.
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Cache Exclusivity and Sharing: Theory and Optimization.
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LD: Low-Overhead GPU Race Detection Without Access Monitoring.
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Ubiquitous auction learning system with TELD (Teaching by Examples and Learning by Doing) approach: A quasi-experimental study.
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Accurate prediction of human essential genes using only nucleotide composition and association information.
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Integral Sliding Mode Based Precision Motion Control for PMLM.
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Deduplicating Compressed Contents in Cloud Storage Environment.
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Why Do We Always Blame The Storage Stack?
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Aging-Leakage Tradeoffs Using Multi-Vth Cell Library.
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Model-Free Testing of Analog Circuits.
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Properties of long quantum walks in one and two dimensions.
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Active scheduling for hybrid flowshop with family setup time and inconsistent family formation.
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Online Optimization of Collaborative Web Service QoS Prediction Based on Approximate Dynamic Programming.
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Process and data fragmentation-oriented enterprise network integration with collaboration modelling and collaboration agents.
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Special Issue on "Intelligent Enterprise Systems".
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Cloud-enabled real-time platform for adaptive planning and control in auction logistics center.
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PASS: A Proactive and Adaptive SSD buffer Scheme for data-intensive workloads.
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Development of a Visual Reality Headset and Its Applications in 3D Interactive Bike Race Games.
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