Zhongliang Deng

According to our database1, Zhongliang Deng authored at least 92 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Indoor NLOS Positioning System Based on Enhanced CSI Feature with Intrusion Adaptability.
Sensors, 2020

A Novel Time Delay Estimation Algorithm for 5G Vehicle Positioning in Urban Canyon Environments.
Sensors, 2020

Base Station Selection for Hybrid TDOA/RTT/DOA Positioning in Mixed LOS/NLOS Environment.
Sensors, 2020

Certifiably Optimal and Robust Camera Pose Estimation From Points and Lines.
IEEE Access, 2020

EF-Razor: An Effective Edge-Feature Processing Method in Visual SLAM.
IEEE Access, 2020

LC-DNN: Local Connection Based Deep Neural Network for Indoor Localization With CSI.
IEEE Access, 2020

Signal Assisted Clipping Distortion Recovery for OFDM Systems Based on Compressed Sensing.
IEEE Access, 2020

A Novel Simultaneous Calibration and Localization Algorithm Framework for Indoor Scenarios.
IEEE Access, 2020

A Simulation Study of Gate-All-Around Nanowire Transistor With a Core-Substrate.
IEEE Access, 2020

Switching Algorithm Based On Monte Carlo-Markov Decision Under Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2020

A Prediction Model for Channel State Information in Satellite Communication System.
Proceedings of the 31st IEEE Annual International Symposium on Personal, 2020

Joint Power Allocation for a Novel Positioning-communication Integrated Signal.
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China, 2020

A Novel Positioning-Communication Integrated Signal in Wireless Communication Systems.
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A New Method for Multipath Filtering in GPS Static High-Precision Positioning.
Sensors, 2019

Mobile Phone Passive Positioning through the Detection of Uplink Signals for Search and Rescue.
Sensors, 2019

CC-DTW: An Accurate Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Using Calibrated Channel State Information and Modified Dynamic Time Warping.
Sensors, 2019

A Dynamic Application-Partitioning Algorithm with Improved Offloading Mechanism for Fog Cloud Networks.
Future Internet, 2019

A Lightweight Elliptic-Elgamal-Based Authentication Scheme for Secure Device-to-Device Communication.
Future Internet, 2019

Study on the User Density Identification via Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm in Device-to-Device Communication.
Complex., 2019

Discrete Noetherian ring variational pattern feature sets for space-air-ground network protocol monitoring.
Clust. Comput., 2019

Relative entropy-based Kalman filter for seamless indoor/outdoor multi-source fusion positioning with INS/TC-OFDM/GNSS.
Clust. Comput., 2019

A Novel Cycle Slips Detection Model for the High Precision Positioning.
IEEE Access, 2019

C-Map: Hyper-Resolution Adaptive Preprocessing System for CSI Amplitude-Based Fingerprint Localization.
IEEE Access, 2019

MagicVO: An End-to-End Hybrid CNN and Bi-LSTM Method for Monocular Visual Odometry.
IEEE Access, 2019

Direct Positioning Method of Mixed Far-Field and Near-Field Based on 5G Massive MIMO System.
IEEE Access, 2019

Not Only Conmunication: Co-band signals used in 5G MIMO system for indoor positioning.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing, 2019

Mobile Phone Passive Positioning Through The Detection of Uplink Signal.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things (SmartIoT), 2019

A calibrated-RSSI/PDR/Map intergrated system based on a novel particle filter for indoor navigation.
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, 2019

Survey on CSI-based Indoor Positioning Systems and Recent Advances.
Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, 2019

5G networks three-dimensional indoor positioning based on improved Chan algorithm.
Proceedings of the Short Paper Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation - Work-in-Progress Papers (IPIN-WiP 2019) co-located with the Tenth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN 2019), Pisa, Italy, September 30th, 2019

MaaFace: Multiplicative and Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition.
Proceedings of the Image and Graphics - 10th International Conference, 2019

Satellite Network Oriented TCP Slow Start Algorithm.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Communication Technology, 2019

AdaBoost-TCP: A Machine Learning-Based Congestion Control Method for Satellite Networks.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Communication Technology, 2019

A Novel Multi-Level Interleaver Model in Interleave Division Multiple Access.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Communication Technology, 2019

RL-Based Radio Resource Slicing Strategy for Software-Defined Satellite Networks.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Communication Technology, 2019

An Unambiguous Tracking Technique for Sine-BOC(kn, n) Modulated GNSS Signals.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2018

A Novel Carrier Loop Algorithm Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) and Kalman Filter (KF) for Weak TC-OFDM Signals.
Sensors, 2018

N-Dimensional LLL Reduction Algorithm with Pivoted Reflection.
Sensors, 2018

An IMU-Aided Body-Shadowing Error Compensation Method for Indoor Bluetooth Positioning.
Sensors, 2018

Location monitoring approach: multiple mix-zones with location privacy protection based on traffic flow over road networks.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2018

A GNSS/5G Integrated Positioning Methodology in D2D Communication Networks.
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Fast Mode Decision for HD Scalable Video Coding via Statistical Content Analysis.
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A RSSI/PDR-Based Probabilistic Position Selection Algorithm with NLOS Identification for Indoor Localisation.
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A hybrid fusion of wireless signals and RGB image for indoor positioning.
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Cooperative indoor positioning with factor graph based on FIM for wireless sensor network.
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MagicVO: End-to-End Monocular Visual Odometry through Deep Bi-directional Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network.
CoRR, 2018

A low-complexity virtual reality modeling method based on ontology grid sparsity.
Comput. Appl. Eng. Educ., 2018

A Novel FLL-Assisted PLL With Fuzzy Control for TC-OFDM Carrier Signal Tracking.
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A Smart Post-Rectification Algorithm Based on an ANN Considering Reflectivity and Distance for Indoor Scenario Reconstruction.
IEEE Access, 2018

An UWB location algorithm for indoor NLOS environment.
Proceedings of the 2018 Ubiquitous Positioning, 2018

Fusion algorithm of improved fingerprinting/PDR/Map based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)/Particle Filter(PF).
Proceedings of the 2018 Ubiquitous Positioning, 2018

Wireless clock synchronization based on UWB positioning system and its ranging optimization.
Proceedings of the 2018 Ubiquitous Positioning, 2018

Virtual Satellite Positioning Technology Based on Differential Pressure Altimetry and PDR.
Proceedings of the 2018 Ubiquitous Positioning, 2018

Multisimi-Markov: An Improved Markov Position Prediction Method.
Proceedings of the 2018 Ubiquitous Positioning, 2018

A Dynamic Adaptive Positioning Method based on Differential Signal Feature Map.
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Real-Time CPU Scheduling Approach for Mobile Edge Computing System.
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Clustering Based Energy Efficient and Communication Protocol for Multiple Mix-Zones Over Road Networks.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2017

Map Services Based on Multiple Mix-zones with Location Privacy Protection over Road Network.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2017

Satellite speech quality measurement model based on a combination of auditory envelope feature and link loss.
Speech Commun., 2017

A Pseudorange Measurement Scheme Based on Snapshot for Base Station Positioning Receivers.
Sensors, 2017

Build a Robust Learning Feature Descriptor by Using a New Image Visualization Method for Indoor Scenario Recognition.
Sensors, 2017

A Smartphone Camera-Based Indoor Positioning Algorithm of Crowded Scenarios with the Assistance of Deep CNN.
Sensors, 2017

An Acquisition Scheme Based on a Matched Filter for Novel Communication and Navigation Fusion Signals.
Sensors, 2017

Multi-dimensional features models and compacted clustering for ILBD (Indoor Location Big Data).
J. Intell. Fuzzy Syst., 2017

The optimal geometry parameters and impact of parasitic capacitance and resistance of sub-14nm SOI multi-fin FinFETs.
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A Handoff Algorithm Based on Parallel Fuzzy Neural Network in Mobile Satellite Networks.
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A Post-Rectification Approach of Depth Images of Kinect v2 for 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes.
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A novel error correction and encryption algorithm combined fountain code and AES.
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Non-Line-of-Sight Error Analysis Model Based on Fitting.
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Coordinate-Based Clustering Method for Indoor Fingerprinting Localization in Dense Cluttered Environments.
Sensors, 2016

21.69-24.36 GHz MEMS Tunable Band-Pass Filter.
Micromachines, 2016

Design, Analysis, and Verification of Ka-Band Pattern Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Using RF MEMS Switches.
Micromachines, 2016

Individual Building Rooftop and Tree Crown Segmentation from High-Resolution Urban Aerial Optical Images.
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A Hybrid of Smartphone Camera and Basestation Wide-area Indoor Positioning Method.
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A Novel Traffic Control Scheme for Multi-Layered Satellite Network Based on Chain Reaction Model.
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Smallest enclosing circle-based fingerprint clustering and modified-WKNN matching algorithm for indoor positioning.
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Representation and Reasoning of Topological Relations Between Enclave and Exclave Regions.
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A Comparative Review of Aspect Ratio Conversion Methods.
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