Neng Wan

According to our database1, Neng Wan authored at least 38 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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The Validity of MotionSense HRV in Estimating Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity under Free-Living and Simulated Activity Settings.
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Distributed Algorithms for Linearly-Solvable Optimal Control in Networked Multi-Agent Systems.
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A Simplified Approach to Analyze Complementary Sensitivity Tradeoffs in Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Systems.
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Compositionality of Linearly Solvable Optimal Control in Networked Multi-Agent Systems.
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f-Divergence Variational Inference.
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Simulation of Vehicle ESP Based on Adaptive Fuzzy PID Control.
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A Simplified Approach to Analyze Complementary Sensitivity Trade-offs in Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Systems.
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Sensitivity Analysis of Continuous-Time Linear Control Systems subject to Control and Measurement Noise: An Information-Theoretic Approach.
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Synchronization of Singularly Perturbed Systems with Time Scales.
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A low-complexity virtual reality modeling method based on ontology grid sparsity.
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Colorectal cancer disparities among racial/ethnic minorities in Texas, 1995-2003.
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Adaptive sliding mode control for spacecraft rendezvous in near-circular orbits with time-varying saturation constraint.
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A scheme for composite ability evaluations in an engineering introductory seminar course.
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Partially Independent Robust Control for Thrust-Limited Rendezvous in Near-Circular Orbits.
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New methods of creating MBD process model: On the basis of machining knowledge.
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Antecedents of Project Implementation Success in crowdfunding.
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Life-space characterization from cellular telephone collected GPS data.
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Low temperature casting of graphene into various 3-D shapes.
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Research on service planning of distributed heterogeneous design resources.
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A spatially weighted degree model for network vulnerability analysis.
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