Qian Yu

According to our database1, Qian Yu authored at least 148 papers between 2000 and 2019.

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Crossbar-Net: A Novel Convolutional Neural Network for Kidney Tumor Segmentation in CT Images.
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Evolution of Conformity Dynamics in Complex Social Networks.
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Multiscale Fourier descriptor based on triangular features for shape retrieval.
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Edge Detection With Chroma Components of Video Frame Based on Local Autocorrelation.
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The Strategy Evolution in Double Auction Based on the Experience-Weighted Attraction Learning Model.
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Co-Occurrence and Cyclical Growth Law Analysis of User Innovation Knowledge Map Based on Temporal-Weighted Network.
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"I Almost Fell in Love with a Machine": Speaking with Computers Affects Self-disclosure.
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Responding E-commerce Product Questions via Exploiting QA Collections and Reviews.
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Contour segment grouping for object detection.
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Impact of Diversification on Enterprises Innovation.
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Polynomial Codes: an Optimal Design for High-Dimensional Coded Matrix Multiplication.
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Multi-sensor wearable devices for movement monitoring in Parkinson's disease.
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RCBM: a rough content-based image quality assessment metric.

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