Zuhua Jiang

According to our database1, Zuhua Jiang authored at least 33 papers between 2002 and 2019.

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Fostering the transfer of empirical engineering knowledge under technological paradigm shift: An experimental study in conceptual design.
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A Novel Wiki Mechanism of Engineering Empirical Knowledge Management.
Proceedings of the Internet of Things - ICIOT 2018, 2018

Preventive maintenance of a single machine system working under piecewise constant operating condition.
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Joint Optimization of Production Plan and Preventive Maintenance Schedule by Stackelberg Game.
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Long-term knowledge evolution modeling for empirical engineering knowledge.
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Multi-level Maintenance Economic Optimization Model of Electric Multiple Unit Component Based on Shock Damage Interaction.
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Influence of technological innovation capabilities on product competitiveness.
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Automated experiential engineering knowledge acquisition through Q&A contextualization and transformation.
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Modeling knowledge need awareness using the problematic situations elicited from questions and answers.
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Building a knowledge map model situated in product design.
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Spatial Scheduling and workforce Assignment Problem in Block assembly shop of Shipbuilding.
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A Task-Aware Empirical Know-How Map Built on Domain Q&A.
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Proactive search enabled context-sensitive knowledge supply situated in computer-aided engineering.
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A Context Sensitive Experience Feeder for Computer Aided Engineering.
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Distributed recommender for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
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An inner-enterprise knowledge recommender system.
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An Expert acquiring method of Diagnosis and Senario based on maximum knowledge entropy.
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SeWeb: A Knowledge Flowing Service Network Mode of Super knowledge nodes Transmission based on P2P.
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Collaborative filtering based on workflow space.
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Recommender system based on workflow.
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Routing for the Milk-Run Pickup System in Automobile Parts Supply.
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A CAD System for Shoe Last Customization.
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RDF-based innovative design knowledge represent.
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Web-based design review portal with fuzzy set theoretic methods for fuel pump designs.
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