Huan Yang

According to our database1, Huan Yang authored at least 49 papers between 2006 and 2018.

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Synthesis and Design of the AC Current Controller and Impedance Network for the Quasi-Z-Source Converter.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2018

Personalized Attention-Aware Exposure Control Using Reinforcement Learning.
CoRR, 2018

Image Captioning with Relational Knowledge.
Proceedings of the PRICAI 2018: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2018

RNALocate: a resource for RNA subcellular localizations.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2017

Spectrum-Oriented FFBP Algorithm in Quasi-Polar Grid for SAR Imaging on Maneuvering Platform.
IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett., 2017

Content-based bitrate model for perceived compression distortion evaluation of mobile video services.
IET Image Processing, 2017

Building Up a Robust Risk Mathematical Platform to Predict Colorectal Cancer.
Complexity, 2017

Pro54DB: a database for experimentally verified sigma-54 promoters.
Bioinformatics, 2017

Total-Neighbor-Distinguishing Coloring by Sums of the Three Types of Product Graphs.
Proceedings of the Geo-Spatial Knowledge and Intelligence - 5th International Conference, 2017

Analyzing Worst-Case Delay Performance of IEC 61850-9-2 Process Bus Networks Using Measurements and Network Calculus.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Future Energy Systems, 2017

The Design and Implementation of Chinese-Uighur-English Online Dictionary Based on Knowledge Graph.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2017

Convergence analysis of iterative tuning strategy for urban traffic signal control.
Proceedings of the 11th Asian Control Conference, 2017

Saliency-Guided Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images.
IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2016

Dependence of Nociceptive Detection Thresholds on Physiological Parameters and Capsaicin-Induced Neuroplasticity: A Computational Study.
Front. Comput. Neurosci., 2016

Application of ReliefF algorithm to selecting feature sets for classification of high resolution remote sensing image.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2016

Research on the application of ground-based optical image for slope rapid monitoring.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2016

Detecting Peer-to-Peer Botnets in SCADA Systems.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Globecom Workshops, Washington, DC, USA, December 4-8, 2016, 2016

Evaluation of utility-privacy trade-offs of data manipulation techniques for smart metering.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security, 2016

Developing a robust colorectal cancer (CRC) risk predictive model with the big genetic and environment related CRC data.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, 2016

Modeling and identification of the nociceptive system using psychophysical measurements.
PhD thesis, 2015

Visual Object Tracking by Structure Complexity Coefficients.
IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2015

Perceptual Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images.
IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 2015

Scale and Orientation Invariant Text Segmentation for Born-Digital Compound Images.
IEEE Trans. Cybernetics, 2015

Subjective quality evaluation of compressed digital compound images.
J. Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2015

Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights Via Robust Recurrent Auto-encoders.
CoRR, 2015

Computational modeling of Adelta-fiber-mediated nociceptive detection of electrocutaneous stimulation.
Biological Cybernetics, 2015

Combining Feature-Based and Instance-Based Transfer Learning Approaches for Cross-Domain Hedge Detection with Multiple Sources.
Proceedings of the Social Media Processing - 4th National Conference, 2015

The CP-QAE-I: A video dataset for exploring the effect of personality and culture on perceived quality and affect in multimedia.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience, 2015

Modelling Human Factors in Perceptual Multimedia Quality: On The Role of Personality and Culture.
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Conference on Multimedia Conference, MM '15, Brisbane, Australia, October 26, 2015

Optimal Time and Channel Assignment for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems, 2015

Parameter learning using ant colony optimization for minimal time cost reduction.
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Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights via Robust Recurrent Auto-Encoders.
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An optimized algorithm for SVPWM based on three-phase stationary frame.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 2015

Enhancing Keylogger Detection Performance of the Dendritic Cell Algorithm by an Enticement Strategy.
JCP, 2014

Subjective quality assessment of Screen Content Images.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience, 2014

Study on subjective quality assessment of Digital Compound Images.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systemss, 2014

IKE vulnerability discovery based on fuzzing.
Security and Communication Networks, 2013

A Task Selecting Algorithm for Personal Schedules in Workflow Systems.
Proceedings of the Web Information Systems Engineering - WISE 2013 Workshops, 2013

Improving Rocchio Algorithm for Updating User Profile in Recommender Systems.
Proceedings of the Web Information Systems Engineering - WISE 2013, 2013

Inductor minimum calculation based on analysis of AC current ripple for PWM converter with dead-time effect.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 2013

trend of online flash XSS vulnerabilities.
Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 2013

The Effect of Real-valued Negative Selection Algorithm on Web Server Aging Detection.
JSW, 2012

Learning based screen image compression.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 2012

Study on the over-voltage and over-current of grid-connected inverters in non-fault conditions.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 2012

Bait a Trap: Introducing Natural Killer Cells to Artificial Immune System for Spyware Detection.
Proceedings of the Artificial Immune Systems - 11th International Conference, 2012

Ethanol Vapor Sensing Properties of Triangular Silver Nanostructures Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance.
Sensors, 2011

A Novel Face Detection Method Based on Contourlet Features.
Proceedings of the Emerging Intelligent Computing Technology and Applications, 2009

Flexible and efficient transfer of multidimensional data in grid.
Proceedings of the CHINA HPC 2007, 2007

Research on the Temperature Compensation of Optical Fiber Displacement Sensor Based on Multisensor Data Fusion.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA 2006), 2006