Ahmed Farouk

According to our database1, Ahmed Farouk authored at least 19 papers between 2015 and 2020.

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Blockchain platform for industrial healthcare: Vision and future opportunities.
Comput. Commun., 2020

Robustness of Generated Geometric Phase of Quantum Wells in Two Open Waveguide-Coupled Optical Cavities.
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A new general model for quantum image histogram (QIH).
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Big data analysis techniques for intelligent systems.
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Modelling the spice parameters of SOI MOSFET using a combinational algorithm.
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Improved Dynamic Multi-Party Quantum Private Comparison for Next-Generation Mobile Network.
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Improving the security of quantum key agreement protocols with single photon in both polarization and spatial-mode degrees of freedom.
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Bidirectional Quantum Controlled Teleportation by Using Five-qubit Entangled State as a Quantum Channel.
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Secure Medical Data Transmission Model for IoT-Based Healthcare Systems.
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Dynamic Multi-hop Clustering in a Wireless Sensor Network: Performance Improvement.
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New quantum dialogue protocol based on continuous-variable two-mode squeezed vacuum states.
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Relay selection scheme for amplify-and-forward cooperative communication system with artificial noise.
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Do multipartite correlations speed up adiabatic quantum computation or quantum annealing?
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Global versus local quantum correlations in the Grover search algorithm.
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Nonlocality in pure and mixed n-qubit <i>X</i> states.
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Quantum information approach to the azurite mineral frustrated quantum magnet.
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A generalized architecture of quantum secure direct communication for N disjointed users with authentication.
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A scheme for secure quantum communication network with authentication using GHZ-like states and cluster states controlled teleportation.
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