Alexander Toet

According to our database1, Alexander Toet authored at least 48 papers between 1989 and 2017.

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Improved Color Mapping Methods for Multiband Nighttime Image Fusion.
J. Imaging, 2017

Affective and Behavioral Responses to Robot-Initiated Social Touch: Toward Understanding the Opportunities and Limitations of Physical Contact in Human-Robot Interaction.
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Are food cinemagraphs more yummy than stills?
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Efficient contrast enhancement through log-power histogram modification.
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Exploring the Potential of Neurophysiological Measures for User-adaptive Visualization.
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How to Touch Humans: Guidelines for Social Agents and Robots That Can Touch.
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Is a Dark Virtual Environment Scary?
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Engagement and EMG in Serious Gaming: Experimenting with Sound and Dynamics in the Levee Patroller Training Game.
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Effects of horizontal field-of-view restriction on manoeuvring performance through complex structured environments.
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Dichoptic Fusion of Thermal and Intensified Imagery.
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Integrated Design of Intelligent Surveillance Systems and their User Interface.
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