Anthony R. McIntosh

  • University of Toronto, Canada

According to our database1, Anthony R. McIntosh authored at least 84 papers between 2000 and 2022.

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Brain simulation as a cloud service: The Virtual Brain on EBRAINS.
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EEG variability: Task-driven or subject-driven signal of interest?
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Exploring the limits of network topology estimation using diffusion-based tractography and tracer studies in the macaque cortex.
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[MEG]PLS: A pipeline for MEG data analysis and partial least squares statistics.
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An automated pipeline for constructing personalized virtual brains from multimodal neuroimaging data.
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TVB-EduPack - An Interactive Learning and Scripting Platform for The Virtual Brain.
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Integrating neuroinformatics tools in TheVirtualBrain.
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Using the Virtual Brain to Reveal the Role of Oscillations and Plasticity in Shaping Brain's Dynamical Landscape.
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ICA-based artifact correction improves spatial localization of adaptive spatial filters in MEG.
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Tracing the route to path analysis in neuroimaging.
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Partial Least Squares (PLS) methods for neuroimaging: A tutorial and review.
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Overrecruitment in the Aging Brain as a Function of Task Demands: Evidence for a Compensatory View.
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Modality-dependent "What" and "Where" Preparatory Processes in Auditory and Visual Systems.
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Synchrony of Two Brain Regions Predicts the Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Activity of a Third.
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In Memoriam: Rolf Kötter (1961-2010).
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Complexity analysis of source activity underlying the neuromagnetic somatosensory steady-state response.
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Exploring transient transfer entropy based on a group-wise ICA decomposition of EEG data.
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Encoding the future: Successful processing of intentions engages predictive brain networks.
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Learning related activation of somatosensory cortex by an auditory stimulus recorded with magnetoencephalography.
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A common functional brain network for autobiographical, episodic, and semantic memory retrieval.
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FMRI evidence of a functional network setting the criteria for withholding a response.
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Early Face Processing Specificity: It's in the Eyes!
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Clustered functional MRI of overt speech production.
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Modulation of effective connectivity by cognitive demand in phonological verbal fluency.
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Contexts and catalysts - A resolution of the localization and integration of function in the brain.
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Limbic-frontal circuitry in major depression: a path modeling metanalysis.
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An integrative MEG-fMRI study of the primary somatosensory cortex using cross-modal correspondence analysis.
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