Dipanjan Roy

According to our database1, Dipanjan Roy authored at least 23 papers between 2013 and 2019.

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Resting state dynamics meets anatomical structure: Temporal multiple kernel learning (tMKL) model.
NeuroImage, 2019

Signature-Free Watermark for Protecting Digital Signal Processing Cores Used in CE Devices [Hardware Matters].
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Multilevel Watermark for Protecting DSP Kernel in CE Systems [Hardware Matters].
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Low-Cost Obfuscated JPEG CODEC IP Core for Secure CE Hardware.
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Triple-Phase Watermarking for Reusable IP Core Protection During Architecture Synthesis.
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Optimizing DSP Cores Using Design Transformation [Hardware Matters].
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Obfuscated JPEG Image Decompression IP Core for Protecting Against Reverse Engineering [Hardware Matter].
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A Framework for Hardware Efficient Reusable IP Core for Grayscale Image CODEC.
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Reusable intellectual property core protection for both buyer and seller.
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Multi-phase watermark for IP core protection.
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Low cost optimized Trojan secured schedule at behavioral level for single & Nested loop control data flow graphs (Invited Paper).
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Low overhead symmetrical protection of reusable IP core using robust fingerprinting and watermarking during high level synthesis.
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Antipiracy-Aware IP Chipset Design for CE Devices: A Robust Watermarking Approach [Hardware Matters].
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