Armand Toguyéni

According to our database1, Armand Toguyéni authored at least 28 papers between 2003 and 2018.

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On-line fault diagnosis of FMS based on flows analysis.
J. Intelligent Manufacturing, 2018

On-The-Fly Diagnosability Analysis of Bounded and Unbounded Labeled Petri Nets Using Verifier Nets.
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Diagnosis and diagnosability analysis of labeled Petri nets using reduction rules.
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Formal Verification of Software-Intensive Systems Architectures Described with Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.
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OF-PENDA: A Software Tool for Fault Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems Modeled by Labeled Petri Nets.
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Validation of a New Functional Design of Automatic Protection Systems at Level Crossings with Model-Checking Techniques.
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A Switched System Approach to Exponential Stabilization Through Communication Network.
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A constraint programming approach for generating firing sequences in timed Petri nets with token identification.
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Diagnosis of critical embedded systems: application to the control card of a railway vehicle braking systems.
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State Observer for DES Under Partial Observation with Time Petri Nets.
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Verification of temporal requirements of complex systems using UML patterns, application to a railway control example.
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A Component Modular Modeling Approach Based on Object Oriented Petri Nets for the Performance Analysis of Distributed Discrete Event Systems.
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Fair Queuing Model for EDCA to Optimize QoS in Ad-Hoc Wireless Network.
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A remote observer and controller with adaptation to the network quality of service.
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Performance and Complexity Evaluation of Multi-Path Routing Algorithms for MPLS-TE.
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A mathematical programming approach for the reconfiguration of reconfigurable manufacturing systems with token identification.
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A semi-formal approach to build the functional graph of an automated production system for supervision purposes.
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Comparison of Multipath Algorithms for Load Balancing in a MPLS Network.
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An UML approach for the metamodelling of automated production systems for monitoring purpose.
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Diagnosability of automated production systems using Petri net based models.
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Towards an approach to automate reconfiguration procedure in automated production systems.
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UML modelling approach to build an information system for automated production systems.
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