Azam Beg

According to our database1, Azam Beg authored at least 41 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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DPV: a taxonomy for utilizing deep learning as a prediction technique for various types of cancers detection.
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Deep learning neural networks for medical image segmentation of brain tumours for diagnosis: a recent review and taxonomy.
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Accurate Calculation of Unreliability of CMOS Logic Cells and Circuits.
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AI Enabled Resource Allocation in Future Mobile Networks.
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Using open technologies for automatically creating question-and-answer sets for engineering MOOCs.
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A 2.6 mW Single-Ended Positive Feedback LNA for 5G Applications.
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Using simulators for teaching computer organization and architecture.
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Incorporating hardware and software features into a prediction model for processor-system throughput.
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Auto-Generating Publication-Quality Circuit Schematics Using Open Technologies.
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On the reliability estimation of nano-circuits using neural networks.
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Automating the sizing of transistors in CMOS gates for low-power and high-noise margin operation.
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What Soft Skills Software Architect Should Have? A Reflection from Software Industry.
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A web-based method for building and simulating standard cell circuits - A classroom application.
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XOR gates for low-energy and near-Vth operation.
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Comparison and design of VCOs for ultra-low power CMOS temperature sensors.
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A New Method for the Creation of MOOC-ready Database of Test Questions .
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Enhancing static noise margin while reducing power consumption.
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Enabling sizing for enhancing the static noise margins.
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Automatic generation of characterization circuits - An application in academia.
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A collaborative platform for facilitating standard cell characterization.
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On axon-inspired communications.
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On NOR-2 von Neumann multiplexing.
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Hybrid OCR Techniques for Cursive Script Languages - A Review and Applications.
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PerfPred: A web-based tool for exploring computer architecture design space.
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A Speech Recognition System for Urdu Language.
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An Efficient Realization of an OCR System Using HDL.
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Modeling of Trace- and Block-Based Caches.
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