Chengbo Wang

According to our database1, Chengbo Wang authored at least 38 papers between 2004 and 2022.

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Free-Breathing Phase-Resolved Oxygen-Enhanced Pulmonary MRI Based on 3D Stack-of-Stars UTE Sequence.
Sensors, 2022

3D Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Light Image Sequence Enhancement in SLAM.
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Mismatches Filtering of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images Based on Motion Vector Consistency.
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Deep Residual Shrinkage Networks for EMG-based Gesture Identification.
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Improved Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Using Low Rank With Joint Sparsity.
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A Real-Time Collision Avoidance Framework of MASS Based on B-Spline and Optimal Decoupling Control.
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Knowledge utilisation in Chinese medium-sized manufacturing firms - an exploration under the backcloth of quality improvement.
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A near-optimal content placement in D2D underlaid cellular networks.
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ERP Adoption and Acceptance in Saudi Arabia Higher Education: A Conceptual Model Development.
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UAV-assisted wireless relay networks for mobile offloading and trajectory optimization.
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A near-optimal cloud offloading under multi-user multi-radio environments.
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Research on intelligent collision avoidance decision-making of unmanned ship in unknown environments.
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An exploration on e-retailers' home delivery - strategic elements and their prioritisation.
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An Empirical Comparative Investigation of Operations Management Programmes: Demand, Content and Entrance Criteria within the Context of Internationalization.
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Applying a knowledge management modeling tool for manufacturing vision (MV) development.
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Description Mathematical Approach to Validation for Grid Service Matching Function.
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An Indexing Scheme for Case-Based Manufacturing Vision Development.
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An Optimal Construction Algorithm for Linear Octree.
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A Distributed Energy-Efficient Routing Scheme in Ad Hoc Networks.
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