Chengcheng Liu

According to our database1, Chengcheng Liu authored at least 35 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Robust Adaptive Wideband Beamforming Based on Time Frequency Distribution.
IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 2019

Robust adaptive beam forming against random calibration error via interference-plus-noise covariance matrix reconstruction.
Signal Processing, 2019

Robust Adaptive Wideband Beamforming Against Direction and Sensor Location Errors.
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Ultrasonic Backscatter Technique for Assessing and Monitoring Neonatal Cancellous Bone Status in Vivo.
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Effect of Spectral Estimation on Ultrasonic Backscatter Parameters in Measurements of Cancellous Bones.
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Ray Theory-Based Transcranial Phase Correction for Intracranial Imaging: A Phantom Study.
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M-Net: A Novel U-Net With Multi-Stream Feature Fusion and Multi-Scale Dilated Convolutions for Bile Ducts and Hepatolith Segmentation.
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Application-Oriented Robust Design Optimization Method for Batch Production of Permanent-Magnet Motors.
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A New Approach to Guided Wave Ray Tomography for Temperature-Robust Damage Detection Using Piezoelectric Sensors.
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A Webpage Offloading Framework for Smart Devices.
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Nonlinear Electromagnetic Acoustic Testing Method for Tensile Damage Evaluation.
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Wideband Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm for Conformal Arrays Based on Sparse Covariance Matrix Reconstruction.
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Wideband array self-calibration and DOA estimation under large position errors.
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Bullying and Suicidality in Urban Chinese Youth: The Role of Teacher-Student Relationships.
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Missed Calls Encoding Technology for GPS Data Asset Circulation.
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Distributed Schemes for Crowdsourcing-Based Sensing Task Assignment in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of an Axially Laminated Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Machine.
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Comparative Study of Small Electrical Machines With Soft Magnetic Composite Cores.
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Automatically Difficulty Grading Method Based on Knowledge Tree.
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An Implementation of Number Plate Recognition without Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Network.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; 15th IEEE International Conference on Smart City; 3rd IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 2017

Automatically difficulty grading method of "instruction system" question bank based on knowledge tree.
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A Novel Time Delay Estimation Interpolation Algorithm Based on Second-Order Cone Programming.
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WWOF: An Energy Efficient Offloading Framework for Mobile Webpage.
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Electroencephalogram signal analysis based on the improved k-nearest neighbor network.
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SynLinker: an integrated system for designing linkers and synthetic fusion proteins.
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Wideband Beamforming for Multipath Signals Based on Spatial Smoothing Method.
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Historical Claims Data based Hybrid Predictive Models for Hospitalization.
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Cofactor Modification Analysis: a Computational Framework to Identify cofactor specificity Engineering targets for strain Improvement.
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Scene Image Mosaic Based on Three Freedom Degree.
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Ultrasonic guided waves dispersion reversal for long bone thickness evaluation: A simulation study.
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Prediction of Water Inrush from Coal Floor Based on Small Sample Data Mining Technology and Realization Using MATLAB.
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Near-membrane ensemble elongation in the proline-rich LRP6 intracellular domain may explain the mysterious initiation of the Wnt signaling pathway.
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A content-adaptive approach for reducing embedding impact in steganography.
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A Hybrid Algorithm for Solving the Optimal Layout Problem of Rectangular Pieces.
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