Chong Tan

According to our database1, Chong Tan authored at least 22 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Research on gesture recognition of smart data fusion features in the IoT.
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Adaptive sliding-mode-based control for stochastic nonlinear systems subject to probabilistic interval delay: A delay-fractioning method.
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Jointly network image processing: multi-task image semantic segmentation of indoor scene based on CNN.
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Prediction-based approach to finite-time stabilization of networked control systems with time delays and data packet dropouts.
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Viewpoint Quality Evaluation for Augmented Virtual Environment.
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Research On Image Segmentation Based On Support Vector Machine.
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Maximized Traffic Offloading by Content Sharing in D2D Communication.
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Output consensus of networked multi-agent systems with time-delay compensation scheme.
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Data caching policies for device to device within cellular networks.
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