Costas D. Maranas

According to our database1, Costas D. Maranas authored at least 42 papers between 1993 and 2021.

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dGPredictor: Automated fragmentation method for metabolic reaction free energy prediction and de novo pathway design.
PLoS Comput. Biol., 2021

Elucidation of trophic interactions in an unusual single-cell nitrogen-fixing symbiosis using metabolic modeling.
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A diurnal flux balance model of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 metabolism.
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From Escherichia coli mutant 13C labeling data to a core kinetic model: A kinetic model parameterization pipeline.
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Accelerating flux balance calculations in genome-scale metabolic models by localizing the application of loopless constraints.
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SteadyCom: Predicting microbial abundances while ensuring community stability.
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Clostridium butyricum maximizes growth while minimizing enzyme usage and ATP production: metabolic flux distribution of a strain cultured in glycerol.
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Standardizing biomass reactions and ensuring complete mass balance in genome-scale metabolic models.
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The Iterative Protein Redesign and Optimization (IPRO) suite of programs.
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Bilevel optimization techniques in computational strain design.
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k-OptForce: Integrating Kinetics with Flux Balance Analysis for Strain Design.
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CLCA: Maximum Common Molecular Substructure Queries within the MetRxn Database.
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Coarse-grained optimization-driven design and piecewise linear modeling of synthetic genetic circuits.
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Rapid construction of metabolic models for a family of Cyanobacteria using a multiple source annotation workflow.
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MAPs: a database of modular antibody parts for predicting tertiary structures and designing affinity matured antibodies.
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OptCom: A Multi-Level Optimization Framework for the Metabolic Modeling and Analysis of Microbial Communities.
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Impact of Stoichiometry Representation on Simulation of Genotype-Phenotype Relationships in Metabolic Networks.
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MetRxn: a knowledgebase of metabolites and reactions spanning metabolic models and databases.
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OptForce: An Optimization Procedure for Identifying All Genetic Manipulations Leading to Targeted Overproductions.
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Improving the iMM904 S. cerevisiae metabolic model using essentiality and synthetic lethality data.
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A Genome-Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of <i>Mycoplasma genitalium</i>, <i>i</i>PS189.
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GrowMatch: An Automated Method for Reconciling <i>In Silico</i>/<i>In Vivo</i> Growth Predictions.
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Implication of dynamics in signal transduction and targeted disruption analyses of signaling networks.
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OptCircuit: An optimization based method for computational design of genetic circuits.
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Predicting biological system objectives de novo from internal state measurements.
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Optimization based automated curation of metabolic reconstructions.
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