Tong Li

According to our database1, Tong Li authored at least 126 papers between 1992 and 2019.

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A countermeasure against cryptographic key leakage in cloud: public-key encryption with continuous leakage and tampering resilience.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2019

Nonlinear Analytical Model for Switched-Capacitor Class-D RF Power Amplifiers.
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, 2019

A Novel KGP Algorithm for Improving INS/GPS Integrated Navigation Positioning Accuracy.
Sensors, 2019

Protein aggregation linked to Alzheimer's disease revealed by saturation transfer MRI.
NeuroImage, 2019

Dynamic pricing with traffic engineering for adaptive video streaming over software-defined content delivery networking.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2019

A Compact Transformer-Combined Polar/Quadrature Reconfigurable Digital Power Amplifier in 28-nm Logic LP CMOS.
J. Solid-State Circuits, 2019

Antimagic orientations of even regular graphs.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2019

An analysis on containment control for discrete-time second-order multi-agent systems with asynchronous intermittent communication.
Neurocomputing, 2019

Research on a Trustworthiness Measurement Method of Cloud Service Construction Processes Based on Information Entropy.
Entropy, 2019

Neural Networks for Compressed Sensing Based on Information Geometry.
CSSP, 2019

Aspiration driven coevolution resolves social dilemmas in networks.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2019

Traffic Accident's Severity Prediction: A Deep-Learning Approach-Based CNN Network.
IEEE Access, 2019

Shared Aperture Metasurface for Bi-Functions: Radiation and Low Backward Scattering Performance.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Broadband Switched-Transformer Digital Power Amplifier for Deep Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference, 2019

Driving Big Data: A First Look at Driving Behavior via a Large-Scale Private Car Dataset.
Proceedings of the 35th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops, 2019

Paving Ontological Foundation for Social Engineering Analysis.
Proceedings of the Advanced Information Systems Engineering, 2019

Review-Based User Profiling: A Systematic Mapping Study.
Proceedings of the Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling, 2019

Sparse Regression Driven Mixture Importance Sampling for Memory Design.
IEEE Trans. VLSI Syst., 2018

A Bidirectional Bridge Modular Switched-Capacitor-Based Power Electronics Transformer.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2018

An Integrated Model for Information Retrieval Based Change Impact Analysis.
Scientific Programming, 2018

A Structure-Driven Method for Information Retrieval-Based Software Change Impact Analysis.
Scientific Programming, 2018

Research on the measurement and evaluation of trusted cloud service.
Soft Comput., 2018

Recent Progress in Technologies for Tactile Sensors.
Sensors, 2018

A Clustering k-Anonymity Privacy-Preserving Method for Wearable IoT Devices.
Security and Communication Networks, 2018

Temporal error concealment using quad-tree prediction and coherency sensitive hashing for HEVC.
J. Electronic Imaging, 2018

Blockchain-Based Data Sharing System for AI-Powered Network Operations.
J. Comm. Inform. Networks, 2018

A novel bagging C4.5 algorithm based on wrapper feature selection for supporting wise clinical decision making.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2018

Semantic Trajectory Based Behavior Generation for Groups Identification.
TIIS, 2018

Charge critical sensors first: Minimize data loss in wireless rechargeable sensor networks.
IJDSN, 2018

Social account linking via weighted bipartite graph matching.
Int. J. Communication Systems, 2018

An improved image denoising method based on contourlet transform and NeighShrink algorithm.
IJCAT, 2018

All-metal electrodes vertical gate-all-around device with self-catalyzed selective grown InAs NWs array.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2018

Optimization of contact-mode triboelectric nanogeneration for high energy conversion efficiency.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2018

Analytical Approximation of the Channel Rate for Massive MIMO System With Large But Finite Number of Antennas.
IEEE Access, 2018

Sentiment Classification Based on Information Geometry and Deep Belief Networks.
IEEE Access, 2018

A Self-Supervised Learning Manipulator Grasping Approach Based on Instance Segmentation.
IEEE Access, 2018

A Flexible Tactile Sensor With Good Consistency.
IEEE Access, 2018

Walking into ancient paintings with virtual candles.
Proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 2018

MARVEL: Enabling Mobile Augmented Reality with Low Energy and Low Latency.
Proceedings of the 16th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, SenSys 2018, 2018

NFRfinder: a knowledge based strategy for mining non-functional requirements.
Proceedings of the XXXII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, 2018

Cellular Controlled Delay TCP (C2TCP).
Proceedings of the 17th International IFIP TC6 Networking Conference, 2018

Water Quality Analysis of Remote Sensing Images Based on Inversion Model.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2018

Feature-Selecting Based Hashing via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
Proceedings of the Digital TV and Multimedia Communication - 15th International Forum, 2018

A Research About Trustworthiness Metric Method of SaaS Services Based on AHP.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing and Security - 4th International Conference, 2018

Design of an Empirical Study for Evaluating an Automatic Layout Tool.
Proceedings of the Advances in Conceptual Modeling, 2018

A Prototype for Generating Meaningful Layout of iStar Models.
Proceedings of the Advances in Conceptual Modeling, 2018

Research on the Prediction Method of Power Battery SOC Based on Deep Learning.
Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace, 2018

A compact 2.4GHz polar/quadrature reconfigurable digital power amplifier in 28nm logic LP CMOS.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 2018

A Network Optimization Research for Product Returns Using Modified Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm.
Scientific Programming, 2017

Toward a Dirty Environmental Ethics: From Theoria to Techné - Mark Coeckelbergh: Environmental Skill: Motivation, Knowledge, and the Possibility of a Non-Romantic Environmental Ethics, Routledge, New York, 2015, 218 pp+index, ISBN: 978-1-138-88557-8.
Science and Engineering Ethics, 2017

Neighbor product distinguishing total colorings.
J. Comb. Optim., 2017

A robotic colonoscope with double balloons: Analysis, Design, and Experiments.
I. J. Robotics and Automation, 2017

A Novel Anti-Obfuscation Model for Detecting Malicious Code.
IJOSSP, 2017

Optimizing Multi-Way Spatial Joins of Web Feature Services.
ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Information, 2017

Auctions with selective entry.
Games and Economic Behavior, 2017

Improved tensor voting for missing edge inference.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing, 2017

An improved method for LCD displays colorimetric characterization.
Proceedings of the MIPPR 2017: Remote Sensing Image Processing, 2017

Effect of black point on accuracy of LCD displays colorimetric characterization.
Proceedings of the MIPPR 2017: Remote Sensing Image Processing, 2017

Image quality evaluation of full reference algorithm.
Proceedings of the MIPPR 2017: Remote Sensing Image Processing, 2017

Risk Assessment and Online Forewarning of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Facilities Based on Data Mining.
Proceedings of the Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference KES-2017, 2017

Deep Multi-Similarity Hashing for Multi-label Image Retrieval.
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2017

GH4RE: Repository Recommendation on GitHub for Requirements Elicitation Reuse.
Proceedings of the Forum and Doctoral Consortium Papers Presented at the 29th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, 2017

Result ranking of XML keyword query over XML document.
Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 2017

A 1.0-3.0GHz LTE transmitter with CIM enhancement.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on ASIC, 2017

Identifying Security Requirements Based on Linguistic Analysis and Machine Learning.
Proceedings of the 24th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, 2017

Electronic health record phenotyping improves detection and screening of type 2 diabetes in the general United States population: A cross-sectional, unselected, retrospective study.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2016

Physical layer security via maximal ratio combining and relay selection over Rayleigh fading channels.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2016

Throughput Improvement in Cellular Networks via Full-Duplex Based Device-to-Device Communications.
IEEE Access, 2016

Database-based dynamic spectrum assignment with heterogeneous requirements in 5G networks.
Proceedings of the 25th Wireless and Optical Communication Conference, 2016

D2Sketch: Supporting Efficient Identification of Heavy Hitters Over Sliding Windows.
Proceedings of the Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies, 2016

Performance Evaluation and Analysis of the Virtual Networks Built by Different Virtual Machine Managers.
Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; 14th IEEE International Conference on Smart City; 2nd IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 2016

Connected and Open Platform-Based Approaches for Smart Car Service Design.
Proceedings of the Cross-Cultural Design, 2016

Creating a Worldwide Network for the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) and Related Experimental Environments.
Proceedings of the GENI Book, 2016

Research and Realization of Short Dead-Time Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Groundwater Exploration.
IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, 2015

Rigidity Emerges during Antibody Evolution in Three Distinct Antibody Systems: Evidence from QSFR Analysis of Fab Fragments.
PLoS Computational Biology, 2015

Characterization of the Dielectric Constant in the Trichoderma reesei Cel7B Active Site.
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2015

The Iterative Protein Redesign and Optimization (IPRO) suite of programs.
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2015

Existence of monotone equilibrium in first price auctions with private risk aversion and private initial wealth.
Games and Economic Behavior, 2015

Physical layer security via maximal ratio combining and relay selection over Rayleigh fading channel.
Proceedings of the 26th IEEE Annual International Symposium on Personal, 2015

An auto exposure control algorithm based on lane recognition for on-board camera.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2015

Designing Wearable Device-Based Product and Service Ecosystem.
Proceedings of the Cross-Cultural Design Methods, Practice and Impact, 2015

Performance Investigation and Comparison between Virtual Networks and Physical Networks Based on an Advanced Testbed Network.
Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, 2015

Simultaneous production and distribution of industrial gas supply-chains.
Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2014

Velocity jump reduction for manipulator with single joint failure.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Information Integration for Intelligent Systems, 2014

Experimenting adaptive services in sea-cloud innovation environment.
Proceedings of the 2014 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM Workshops, Toronto, ON, Canada, April 27, 2014

Engineering a More Thermostable Blue Light Photo Receptor Bacillus subtilis YtvA LOV Domain by a Computer Aided Rational Design Method.
PLoS Computational Biology, 2013

Qualitative analysis of some PDE models of traffic flow.
NHM, 2013

Passive and active nonlinear fault-tolerant control of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle based on the sliding mode control technique.
J. Systems & Control Engineering, 2013

Time delay estimation of HF fading signal in impulsive noise environments.
Proceedings of the 22nd Wireless and Optical Communication Conference, 2013

Neural Signal Acquisition and Wireless Transmission System Design.
Proceedings of the IEEE 11th International Conference on Dependable, 2013

Analysis of Success Rate of Attacking Knapsacks from JUNA Cryptosystem by LLL Lattice Basis Reduction.
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2013

Ridge-Based Automatic Vascular Centerline Tracking in X-ray Angiographic Images.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Science and Intelligent Data Engineering, 2012

Volume morphology and its application in 3-D image speckle noise suppressing.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2012

Length Identification of Unknown Data Frame.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2012

An optimized load algorithm of parallel data warehouse based on the cloud computing platform.
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems, 2012

A novel non-contact interactive medical image viewing system.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops, 2012

Flatness-based trajectory planning for a quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle test-bed considering actuator and system constraints.
Proceedings of the American Control Conference, 2012

Does difference between direct and indirect visit matter?
Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 2012

Research on Mobile Agent System for Agile Supply Chain Management.
JSW, 2011

Search Engine System Based on Ontology of Technological Resources.
JSW, 2011

A Loop-test approach to the vehicle CAN bus.
Proceedings of the Third International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, 2011

Accelerated statistical simulation via on-demand Hermite spline interpolations.
Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 2011

Hierarchical-CPK-Based Trusted Computing Cryptography Scheme.
Proceedings of the Autonomic and Trusted Computing - 8th International Conference, 2011

HR Recruitment Websites Evaluation Based on AHP-FSE.
Proceedings of the International Conference on E-Business and E-Government, 2010

A Document Clustering Technique Based on Term Clustering and Association Rules.
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Database Technology and Applications, 2010

Periodic traveling waves in SIRS endemic models.
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2009

Evaluation of Test-Driven Development: An Academic Case Study.
Proceedings of the Software Engineering Research, 2009

Design of New Type License Plates Based on RFID and its Secure Automatic Identification System.
Proceedings of the NCM 2008, The Fourth International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management, Gyeongju, Korea, September 2-4, 2008, 2008

Secure Design of RFID Tags in the New Type License Plates Automatic Identification System.
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Research on software evolution processes in Asia.
Proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM 2008), September 28, 2008

A Face Detection System Based Skin Color and Neural Network.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008

Integration of a Novel Neural Network Algorithm and Kirkpatrick Model and Its Application in R&D Performance Evaluation.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008

Preliminary Study on the Undergraduate Specialty Structure Adjustment of General University in China.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2008

An approach to modelling and describing software evolution processes.
PhD thesis, 2007

Design of a Wireless Sensor Network for Detecting Occupancy of Vehicle Berth in Car Park.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2006

An Approach to Transforming Parallel Function Specification into Java Program Framework.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice, 2005

An Approach to Decomposing Assertions into Java Codes.
Proceedings of The 2005 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering, 2005

Information visualization for intelligent decision support systems.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2001

Web Document Filtering Technique Based on Natural Language Understanding.
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Classify Web Document by Key Phrase Understanding.
Proceedings of the Advances in Web-Age Information Management, 2001

Distance Courseware Discrimination Based on Representative Sentence Assaying.
Proceedings of the Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA 2001), 18-20 April 2001, 2001

Personalized Courseware Construction based on Web Data Mining.
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Substrate Modeling and Lumped Substrate Resistance Extraction for CMOS ESD/Latchup Circuit Simulation.
Proceedings of the 36th Conference on Design Automation, 1999

Efficient transient electrothermal simulation of CMOS VLSI circuits under electrical overstress.
Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 1998

Layout Extraction and Verification Methodology CMOS I/O Circuits.
Proceedings of the 35th Conference on Design Automation, 1998

X-Window Interface to SMART, an Advanced Text Retrieval System.
SIGIR Forum, 1992