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Imitation and Transfer Q-Learning-Based Parameter Identification for Composite Load Modeling.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2021

Time Series Classification for Locating Forced Oscillation Sources.
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A Blockchain-Enabled Multi-Settlement Quasi-Ideal Peer-to-Peer Trading Framework.
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Self-organizing probability neural network-based intelligent non-intrusive load monitoring with applications to low-cost residential measuring devices.
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A Novel Transfer Learning-Based Intelligent Nonintrusive Load-Monitoring With Limited Measurements.
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A Novel Electrically Small Ground-Penetrating Radar Patch Antenna with a Parasitic Ring for Respiration Detection.
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Two-Stage WECC Composite Load Modeling: A Double Deep Q-Learning Networks Approach.
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Guest Editorial Theory and Application of PMUs in Power Distribution Systems.
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Measurement-Based Voltage Stability Assessment Considering Generator VAR Limits.
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Global Sensitivity Analysis in Load Modeling via Low-Rank Tensor.
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Wide-Area Measurement System-Based Low Frequency Oscillation Damping Control Through Reinforcement Learning.
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Residential Customer Baseline Load Estimation Using Stacked Autoencoder With Pseudo-Load Selection.
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Rethink AI-based Power Grid Control: Diving Into Algorithm Design.
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On Training Effective Reinforcement Learning Agents for Real-time Power Grid Operation and Control.
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Deriving Fast AC OPF Solutions via Proximal Policy Optimization for Secure and Economic Grid Operation.
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Extended Prony Analysis on Power System Oscillation Under a Near-Resonance Condition.
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Implications of Stahl's Theorems to Holomorphic Embedding Pt 1: Theoretical Convergence.
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Implications of Stahl's Theorems to Holomorphic Embedding Pt 2: Numerical Convergence.
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Distributed Frequency Emergency Control with Coordinated Edge Intelligence.
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Global Sensitivity Analysis in Load Modeling via Low-rank Tensor.
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Fast Simulation of MMC-HVDC Systems Using A Generalized Equivalent Circuit Model of MMC.
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Evaluating Load Models and Their Impacts on Power Transfer Limits.
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Thermostatic Load Control for System Frequency Regulation Considering Daily Demand Profile and Progressive Recovery.
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An Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers Based Approach for PMU Data Recovery.
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Performance evaluation of communication technologies and network structure for smart grid applications.
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Autonomous Voltage Control for Grid Operation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Bayesian Estimation Based Parameter Estimation for Composite Load.
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Probabilistic Load Forecasting via Point Forecast Feature Integration.
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Short-term Load Forecasting at Different Aggregation Levels with Predictability Analysis.
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Adaptive Online Learning with Momentum for Contingency-based Voltage Stability Assessment.
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Submodular Load Clustering with Robust Principal Component Analysis.
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Accurate Power Sharing and Synthetic Inertia Control for DC Building Microgrids With Guaranteed Performance.
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An Integrated Online Dynamic Security Assessment System for Improved Situational Awareness and Economic Operation.
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Impact of Low Data Quality on Disturbance Triangulation Application Using High-Density PMU Measurements.
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Mitigating the Impact of Renewable Variability With Demand-Side Resources Considering Communication and Cyber Security Limitations.
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A Neuron-Network-Based Optimal Control of Ultra-Capacitors with System Uncertainties.
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A Distributed Cooperative Control Framework for Synchronized Reconnection of a Multi-Bus Microgrid.
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A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Evaluate Service Capacities of EV Charging and Battery Swapping Stations.
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Optimization of Battery Energy Storage to Improve Power System Oscillation Damping.
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Generalized Extended State Observer Based High Precision Attitude Control of Quadrotor Vehicles Subject to Wind Disturbance.
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A Resilient Power System Operation Strategy Considering Transmission Line Attacks.
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An Extended Kalman Filter Enhanced Hilbert-Huang Transform in Power System Oscillation Detection.
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Model Predictive Control of H5 Inverter for Transformerless PV Systems with Maximum Power Point Tracking and Leakage Current Reduction.
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From Customer Journey to Knowledge Journey: Mapping the Knowledge Journey in Co-design on Public Realm.
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A patch-based convolutional neural network for remote sensing image classification.
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Recover the lost Phasor Measurement Unit Data Using Alternating Direction Multipliers Method.
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Online Coherence Identification Using Dynamic Time Warping for Controlled Islanding.
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Online Calibration of Phasor Measurement Unit Using Density-Based Spatial Clustering.
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PMU Assisted Power System Parameter Calibration at Jiangsu Electric Power Company.
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Electro-hydraulic servo system for Human Lower-limb Exoskeleton based on sliding mode variable structure control.
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