Siqi Wang

According to our database1, Siqi Wang authored at least 48 papers between 2013 and 2019.

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Orchestration Tools for Big Data.
Proceedings of the Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies., 2019

Impacts of Crest Factor Reduction and Digital Predistortion on Linearity and Power Efficiency of Power Amplifiers.
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems, 2019

OPTiC: Optimizing Collaborative CPU-GPU Computing on Mobile Devices With Thermal Constraints.
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Reconstructing Human Joint Motion with Computational Fabrics.
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Single and Sequential Sampling Plans for Multi-Attribute Products and Multi-Class Lot in Reliability Test.
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Optimization Design and Application of Active Disturbance Rejection Controller Based on Intelligent Algorithm.
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Design, fabrication and evaluation of non-imaging, label-free pre-screening tool using quantified bio-electrical tissue profile.
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A bio-robotic remora disc with attachment and detachment capabilities for reversible underwater hitchhiking.
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Ground-Based Cloud Images Recognition Based on GAN and PCANet.
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Towards Intelligent Decision Making in Emotion-aware Applications.
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Robustness Can Be Cheap: A Highly Efficient Approach to Discover Outliers under High Outlier Ratios.
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A Novel Algorithm for Determining the Structure of Digital Predistortion Models.
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Incremental multiple kernel extreme learning machine and its application in Robo-advisors.
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A multi-state shock model with mutative failure patterns.
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Hyperparameter selection of one-class support vector machine by self-adaptive data shifting.
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Multiclass Classification and Feature Selection Based on Least Squares Regression with Large Margin.
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Video anomaly detection and localization by local motion based joint video representation and OCELM.
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Admissible Consensus for Descriptor Multi-Agent Systems with Exogenous Disturbances.
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Reliability analysis of multi-state k-out-of-n: G system with common bus performance sharing.
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Detecting Abnormality without Knowing Normality: A Two-stage Approach for Unsupervised Video Abnormal Event Detection.
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Software Support for Heterogeneous Computing.
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Octree-based Convolutional Autoencoder Extreme Learning Machine for 3D Shape Classification.
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Chronic Poisoning against Machine Learning Based IDSs Using Edge Pattern Detection.
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Phase Relation between Depolarization and Repolarization Alternans in ECG.
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An Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation Framework Using Multimodal MRI.
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Complete three-phase detection framework for identifying abnormal cervical cells.
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Performance analysis of multi-stage cascaded digital predistortion.
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A Kalman filter based force-feedback control system for hydrodynamic investigation of unsteady aquatic propulsion.
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Design Space exploration of FPGA-based accelerators with multi-level parallelism.
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An efficient adaptive algorithm for removal of impulse noises.
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Random Fourier extreme learning machine with ℓ2, 1-norm regularization.
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Automatic cytoplasm and nuclei segmentation for color cervical smear image using an efficient gap-search MRF.
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Video anomaly detection based on ULGP-OF descriptor and one-class ELM.
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Anomaly detection in crowded scenes by SL-HOF descriptor and foreground classification.
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Efficient segmentation for Region-based Image Retrieval using Edge Integrated Minimum Spanning Tree.
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Comparison of hill-climbing and genetic algorithms for digital predistortion models sizing.
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Ensemble One-Class Extreme Learning Machine Based on Overlapping Data Partition.
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Short- and Long-Distance Big Data Transmission: Tendency, Challenge Issues and Enabling Technologies.
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A MDE-Based Approach to the Safety Verification of Extended SysML Activity Diagram.
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Energy-efficient execution of data-parallel applications on heterogeneous mobile platforms.
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Maximal Synchronization of Feeder Buses to Metro Using Particle Swarm Optimization.
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