Ke Ma

According to our database1, Ke Ma authored at least 51 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Virtual Angular-Domain Channel Estimation for FDD Based Massive MIMO Systems With Partial Orthogonal Pilot Design.
IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., 2020

Real-Time Detection of Compensatory Patterns in Patients With Stroke to Reduce Compensation During Robotic Rehabilitation Therapy.
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Planning the trajectory of an autonomous wheel loader and tracking its trajectory via adaptive model predictive control.
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Study on large-scale crowd evacuation method in cultural museum using mutation prediction RFID.
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A novel feature separation model exchange-GAN for facial expression recognition.
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RCBAC: A risk-aware content-based access control model for large-scale text data.
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Identification and addressing of internet of things based on distributed ID.
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Attribute-guided image generation from layout.
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Cyber-Resilient Transactive Energy System Design over Insecure Communication Links.
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Development of a central order processing system for optimizing demand-driven textile supply chains: a real case based simulation study.
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Deep Learning Assisted Beam Prediction Using Out-of-Band Information.
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Frequency-domain Flexibility Characterization of Heterogeneous End-use Loads for Grid Services.
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Anomaly Detection of Transactive Energy Systems with Competitive Markets.
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A file system for safely interacting with untrusted USB flash drives.
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Influence of Exclusive Lanes for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles on Freeway Traffic Flow.
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A Two-Stage Ensemble of Differential Evolution Variants for Numerical Optimization.
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sEMG-Based Detection of Compensation Caused by Fatigue During Rehabilitation Therapy: A Pilot Study.
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A Continuous Estimation Model of Upper Limb Joint Angles by Using Surface Electromyography and Deep Learning Method.
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Receiver Design and SER Analysis of Massive MIMO Uplink With Mixed-Resolution ADCs.
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Three-Dimensional Visible Light Positioning Using Regression Neural Network.
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Design Pattern as a Practical Tool for Designing Adaptive Interactions Connecting Human and Social Robots.
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Thermal Characterization of the Alternate Arm Converter for HVDC Applications.
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DewarpNet: Single-Image Document Unwarping With Stacked 3D and 2D Regression Networks.
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CABAC: A Content-Driven Attribute-Based Access Control Model for Big Data.
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A New Paradigm of Addressing the Complexity of Entrepreneurial Community Design Leveraging Augmented Reality.
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Optimal Iterative Method for Network Utility Maximization with Intertemporal Dynamic Constraints.
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Research on Mass Real Estate Evaluation Mode Based on BP Neural Network Model.
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Entropy based evolutionary algorithm with adaptive reference points for many-objective optimization problems.
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Investigation of the Spatial Clustering Properties of Seismic Time Series: A Comparative Study from Shallow to Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes.
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<i>Seru</i> system balancing: Definition, formulation, and exact solution.
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DocUNet: Document Image Unwarping via a Stacked U-Net.
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Twenty-Four-Hour Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of Cerebral Edema in Rabbits Based on a Noninvasive and Noncontact System of Magnetic Induction.
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Wind Energy Systems.
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Defenses Against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Robot mapping and localisation in metal water pipes using hydrophone induced vibration and map alignment by dynamic time warping.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2017

Large-scale Continual Road Inspection: Visual Infrastructure Assessment in the Wild.
Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2017, 2017

PipeSLAM: Simultaneous localisation and mapping in feature sparse water pipes using the Rao-Blackwellised particle filter.
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Sensitivity Enhancement in Si Nanophotonic Waveguides Used for Refractive Index Sensing.
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基于核函数技术的时尚服装需求预测方法 (Forecasting Method for Fashion Clothing Demand Based on Kernel Functions Technology).
计算机科学, 2016

Leakage Characterizing and Detecting Based on Communication Theory.
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Texture classification for rail surface condition evaluation.
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Modified BM3D algorithm for image denoising using nonlocal centralization prior.
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Robot Mapping and Localisation for Feature Sparse Water Pipes Using Voids as Landmarks.
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The Application of an Ambulatory Multi-Parameter Monitoring System Measuring Emotional Stress.
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Predicting Protein Function by Genomic Data-Mining.
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