Eliot Winer

According to our database1, Eliot Winer authored at least 26 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Augmented reality via expert demonstration authoring (AREDA).
Computers in Industry, 2019

Creating a Team Tutor Using GIFT.
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Adding Value to Trade Space Exploration When Designing Complex Engineered Systems.
Systems Engineering, 2017

Enabling Real-Time Volume Rendering of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging on an iOS Device.
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TouchTerrain: A simple web-tool for creating 3D-printable topographic models.
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MetaTracker: Unifying and Abstracting 3-D Motion Tracking Data From Multiple Heterogenous Hardware Systems.
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Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Source Seeking.
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Evaluation of monoscopic and stereoscopic displays for visual-spatial tasks in medical contexts.
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Extending parallelization of the self-organizing map by combining data and network partitioned methods.
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The Development of a Testbed to Assess an Intelligent Tutoring System for Teams.
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Particle Swarm Optimization for source localization in environment with obstacles.
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Space perception in virtual environments: Displacement from the center of projection causes less distortion than predicted by cue-based models.
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A system for rapid creation and assessment of conceptual large vehicle designs using immersive virtual reality.
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A multi-fidelity software framework for interactive modeling of advective and diffusive contaminant transport in groundwater.
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A Framework for Interactive Examination of Automatic Segmented Tumors in a Virtual Environment.
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