Hojin Lee

According to our database1, Hojin Lee authored at least 47 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Perceptual Space of Regular Homogeneous Haptic Textures Rendered Using Electrovibration.
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Online Comment Moderation Policies for Deliberative Discussion-Seed Comments and Identifiability.
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Output-feedback control for sampled-data systems with variable sampling rate.
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A Study on Shared Steering Control in Driving Experience Perspective: How Strong and How Soon Should Intervention Be?
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Human Driving Skill Modeling Using Neural Networks for Haptic Assistance in Realistic Virtual Environments.
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Data-driven thermal rendering: An initial study.
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A neuroprotective brain stimulation for vulnerable cerebellar Purkinje cell after ischemic stroke: a study with low-intensity focused ultrasound.
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Aggregating LTE and Wi-Fi: Toward Intra-Cell Fairness and High TCP Performance.
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Design and Evaluation of Social buttons for News Comments.
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