Holger Wache

According to our database1, Holger Wache authored at least 44 papers between 1994 and 2019.

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Power Grid Capacity Extension with Conditional Loads Instead of Physical Expansions.
Proceedings of the Smart Cities, Green Technologies and Intelligent Transport Systems, 2019

Technical Validation of the RLS Smart Grid Approach to Increase Power Grid Capacity without Physical Grid Expansion.
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Poster Abstract: SmartStability.
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Shaping aggregated load profiles based on optimized local scheduling of home appliances.
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A market-based smart grid approach to increasing power grid capacity without physical grid expansion.
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Energy saving in smart homes based on consumer behaviour: A case study.
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Using consumer behavior data to reduce energy consumption in smart homes.
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Towards a Timely Root Cause Analysis for Complex Situations in Large Scale Telecommunications Networks.
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Energy saving in smart homes based on consumer behavior: A case study.
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Capturing Customers' Requirements towards Mixed-Tenancy Deployments of SaaS-Applications.
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E-Government for Distributed Autonomous Administrations.
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Semantische Mediation für heterogene Informationsquellen.
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Semantische Mediation für heterogene Informationsquellen.
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