Hongming Yang

According to our database1, Hongming Yang authored at least 25 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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A Practical Pricing Approach to Smart Grid Demand Response Based on Load Classification.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2018

CVaR-Constrained Optimal Bidding of Electric Vehicle Aggregators in Day-Ahead and Real-Time Markets.
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Electric Vehicle Route Selection and Charging Navigation Strategy Based on Crowd Sensing.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics, 2017

PPNC: Privacy Preserving Scheme for Random Linear Network Coding in Smart Grid.
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Re-cutin control of wind turbines based on a combined dead band of time and wind speed.
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Optimal Dispatch of Air Conditioner Loads in Southern China Region by Direct Load Control.
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Assessing Short-Term Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems by a Hierarchical Intelligent System.
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Electric Vehicle Route Optimization Considering Time-of-Use Electricity Price by Learnable Partheno-Genetic Algorithm.
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Open vehicle routing problem with demand uncertainty and its robust strategies.
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Full-duplex relay VLC in LED lighting triangular system topology.
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Extreme learning machine based genetic algorithm and its application in power system economic dispatch.
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Predicting the probability of ice storm damages to electricity transmission facilities based on ELM and Copula function.
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Research of photovoltaic and PHEV hybrid management system based on hierarchical fuzzy control.
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A Novel QoS Multipath Path Routing in MANET.
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