Hui Xiao

According to our database1, Hui Xiao authored at least 84 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Joint optimization of budget allocation and maintenance planning of multi-facility transportation infrastructure systems.
Eur. J. Oper. Res., 2021

A Collaborative Sensing and Model-Based Real-Time Recovery of Fast Data Flows From Sparse Measurements.
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Sequential imperfect preventive maintenance model with failure intensity reduction with an application to urban buses.
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Optimal design of a linear sliding window system with consideration of performance sharing.
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Optimal defense of a distributed data storage system against hackers' attacks.
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Defending a parallel system against a strategic attacker with redundancy, protection and disinformation.
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Analysis of the cascading failure for scale-free networks based on a multi-strategy evolutionary game.
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Artificial neural network based software fault detection and correction prediction models considering testing effort.
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Outline Feature Extraction of Positron Image Based on a 3D Anisotropic Convolution Operator.
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AttenNet: Deep Attention Based Retinal Disease Classification in OCT Images.
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An Energy-Aware Joint Routing and Task Allocation Algorithm in MEC Systems Assisted by Multiple UAVs.
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Advancing Constrained Ranking and Selection With Regression in Partitioned Domains.
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Grading and Sorting of Grape Berries Using Visible-Near Infrared Spectroscopy on the Basis of Multiple Inner Quality Parameters.
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Redundancy versus protection for a non-reparable phased-mission system subject to external impacts.
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Trade-off between maintenance and protection for multi-state performance sharing systems with transmission loss.
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An efficient simulation procedure for ranking the top simulated designs in the presence of stochastic constraints.
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Efficient simulation budget allocation for subset selection using regression metamodels.
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Multi-Objective VM Consolidation Based on Thresholds and Ant Colony System in Cloud Computing.
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Predicting the Energy Consumption of Residential Buildings for Regional Electricity Supply-Side and Demand-Side Management.
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Optimal Computing Budget Allocation for Binary Classification with Noisy Labels and its Applications on Simulation Analytics.
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A Sorties Recognition Algorithm of Formation Targets for Wide-band Radar.
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Simulation Budget Allocation for Selecting the Top-m Designs With Input Uncertainty.
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Research on Geometric Calibration of Spaceborne Linear Array Whiskbroom Camera.
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Object defense with preventive strike and false targets.
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Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Using Convolutional Neural Network Features and Weighted Distance.
IEEE Geosci. Remote. Sens. Lett., 2018

Remote Sensing Image Registration Using Convolutional Neural Network Features.
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Double-ended travelling-wave fault location based on residual analysis using an adaptive EKF.
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Multi-omic analysis of signalling factors in inflammatory comorbidities.
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A Study of Students' Self-Regulated Revision on Writing.
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Fast Factorized Backprojection Algorithm for One-Stationary Bistatic Spotlight Circular SAR Image Formation.
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Comparison of Benchtop Fourier-Transform (FT) and Portable Grating Scanning Spectrometers for Determination of Total Soluble Solid Contents in Single Grape Berry (<i>Vitis vinifera</i> L.) and Calibration Transfer.
Sensors, 2017

Reliability of multi-state systems with a performance sharing group of limited size.
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Simulation budget allocation for simultaneously selecting the best and worst subsets.
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Robust ranking and selection with optimal computing budget allocation.
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Optimal computing budget allocation for ranking the top designs with stochastic constraints.
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Selecting the best system using transient means with sequential sampling constraints.
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Multi-band beyond-Nyquist disturbance rejection on a galvanometer scanner system.
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Efficient Time-Domain Imaging Processing for One-Stationary Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR Including Motion Errors.
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Multirate forward-model disturbance observer for feedback regulation beyond Nyquist frequency.
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Optimal loading and protection of multi-state systems considering performance sharing mechanism.
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A multivariate grey RBF hybrid model for residual useful life prediction of industrial equipment based on state data.
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The Research on File Encryption Method Based on File Content Partitioning Restructuring.
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Electronic coupled and self-adaptive grasp robotic finger.
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NONCODE v3.0: integrative annotation of long noncoding RNAs.
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Reduced-rank space-time adaptive interference suppression for navigation systems based on QR decomposition and approximations of basis functions.
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Effects of emotional nursing care cooperated with acupuncture points massage for post-stroke patients with insomnia.
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ncFANs: a web server for functional annotation of long non-coding RNAs.
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Viewing cancer genes from co-evolving gene modules.
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On exploring SVDSPM algorithm for more accurate DOA estimation of low altitude target.
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