Bin Luo

According to our database1, Bin Luo authored at least 61 papers between 1993 and 2018.

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Video-based salient object detection via spatio-temporal difference and coherence.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2018

PGA/MOEAD: a preference-guided evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective decision-making problems with interval-valued fuzzy preferences.
Int. J. Systems Science, 2018

Design and Experiment of a Sorting System for Haploid Maize Kernel.
IJPRAI, 2018

An Explicit Non-Malleable Extraction Scheme for Quantum Randomness Amplification With Two Untrusted Devices.
IEEE Communications Letters, 2018

Guizhou Big Data Management System and Key Technology.
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Geoinformatics, 2018

Hierarchical Terrain Classification Based on Multilayer Bayesian Network and Conditional Random Field.
Remote Sensing, 2017

Tag refinement of micro-videos by learning from multiple data sources.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2017

Cost-Effective Service Provisioning for Hybrid Cloud Applications.
MONET, 2017

Secure and Robust DV-Hop Localization Based on the Vector Refinement Feedback Method for Wireless Sensor Networks.
Comput. J., 2017

Development and application of maintenance decision-making support system for aircraft fleet.
Advances in Engineering Software, 2017

Personalized Micro-Video Recommendation via Hierarchical User Interest Modeling.
Proceedings of the Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2017, 2017

Eyes Understand the Sketch!: Gaze-Aided Stroke Grouping of Hand-Drawn Flowcharts.
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, 2017

An evaluation of sustainable development in less developed areas of Western China.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, 2017

Development of Ka-Band BUC with Wideband Linearizer for High Speed Satellite Communications.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2017

Optical Fiber Temperature and Torsion Sensor Based on Lyot-Sagnac Interferometer.
Sensors, 2016

Self-Mixing Demodulation for Coherent Phase-Sensitive OTDR System.
Sensors, 2016

A novel parallel deblocking filtering strategy for HEVC/H.265 based on GPU.
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2016

The Assumption of the TT&C and Management for SIN Based on TDRS SMA System.
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Salient Object Detection via Video Spatio-Temporal Difference and Coherence.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2016

The impact of resource on remote quantum correlation Preparation.
Quantum Information & Computation, 2015

Novel adaptive hybrid rule network based on TS fuzzy rules using an improved quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization.
Neurocomputing, 2015

Optimization of DV-hop localization algorithm in hybrid optical wireless sensor networks.
J. Heuristics, 2015

Mining Tags from Flickr User Comments Using a Hybrid Ranking Model.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Service Science, 2015

Stakeholder Analysis of Ecological Environment Protection Projects.
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, 2015

When hybrid cloud meets flash crowd: Towards cost-effective service provisioning.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 2015

A Novel Fast Approach for Convolutional Networks with Small Filters Based on GPU.
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 2015

Cost-Effective Service Provisioning for Hybrid Cloud Applications.
Proceedings of the Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications, and Worksharing, 2015

Simultaneous unidirectional and bidirectional chaos-based optical communication using hybrid coupling semiconductor lasers.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2014

Classifying web documents using term spectral transforms and Multi-Dimensional Latent Semantic representation.
Proceedings of the 2014 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2014

How screen size influences Chinese readability.
Proceedings of the Augmentation, Application, Innovation, Collaboration, OzCHI '13, Adelaide, Australia - November 25, 2013

Sensitivity Enhancement of Strain Sensing Utilizing a Differential Pair of Fiber Bragg Gratings.
Sensors, 2012

MIMO-OFDM radar array configuration for resolving DOA ambiguity.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communication Systems, 2012

An Experience of Teaching HCI to Undergraduate Software Engineering Students.
Proceedings of the 25th IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, 2012

Research of Decentralized Collaborative Target Tracking Architecture in the Sea Battlefield for the Complex Sensor Networks.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence, 2012

Sensor fusion based head pose tracking for lightweight flight cockpit systems.
Multimedia Tools Appl., 2011

Understanding College Students' Thought Toward Social Events by Qualitative Meta-Synthesis Technologies.
IJOCI, 2011

A novel vision-based multi-hand tracking algorithm for human computer interface.
Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 2011

A novel approach for skin color detection in dynamically changing Illumination.
Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 2011

A Hybrid Method for High-Utility Itemsets Mining in Large High-Dimensional Data.
Proceedings of the Integrations of Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Database Technologies, 2011

An adaptive information dissemination of decentralized warship cooperative engagement with constrained bandwidth based on a geodetic coordinate system.
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2010

Enhancing On-Line Conferencing Ba with Human-Machine Interaction CorMap Analysis.
IJKSS, 2010

Visualized Clustering of Ideas for Group Argumentation.
Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology - Workshops, Toronto, Canada, August 31, 2010

The Spot Data Collecting in the System of Temperature Monitor.
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Database Technology and Applications, 2010

Local Scale Measure from the Topographic Map and Application to Remote Sensing Images.
Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, 2009

A Hybrid Method for High-Utility Itemsets Mining in Large High-Dimensional Data.
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Local Scale Measure for Remote Sensing Images.
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Sensor Fusion for Vision-Based Indoor Head Pose Tracking.
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Indexing of Satellite Images With Different Resolutions by Wavelet Features.
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Mode hopping and polarization switching of mutually coupled vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers.
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Transmission of 38GHz Millimeter Wave Signals through Radio-Over-Fiber Systems.
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A Decentralized Fusion Algorithm Established in Geodetic Coordinate System for Naval Ships Cooperative Engagement.
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Target tracking with interactive multiple model in geodetic coordinate system for naval ships cooperative engagement.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Information Fusion, 2008

A Dynamic Method of Experiment Design of Computer Aided Sensory Evaluation.
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Resolution-Independent Characteristic Scale Dedicated to Satellite Images.
IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 2007

Optimization of gray-scale performance in pixellated-metal-mirror FLC-OASLM by equivalent circuit model.
Microelectronics Journal, 2007

Radio-over-Fiber Transmission of 1.25-Gigabit Ethernet Signal on 60-GHz Band Subcarrier with Performance Improvement and Wavelength Reuse.
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Small-Scale Transmission Statistics of UWB Signals for Body Area Communications.
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Extrapolation of Wavelet Features for the Indexing of Satellite Images with Different Resolutions.
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Characteristic Scale in Satellite Images.
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, 2006

Development an interactive VR training for CNC machining.
Proceedings of the Proceedings VRCAI 2004, 2004

A Framework for Dynamic Program Analyzers.
Proceedings of the Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA), Eighth Annual Conference, Washington, DC, USA, September 26, 1993