Hongwei Zeng

According to our database1, Hongwei Zeng authored at least 49 papers between 2006 and 2022.

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Performance and the Optimal Integration of Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Features for Crop Classification in Northern Mongolia.
Remote. Sens., 2022

An Interannual Transfer Learning Approach for Crop Classification in the Hetao Irrigation District, China.
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Optimizing demand-driven null dereference verification via merging branches.
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Identification of Crop Type in Crowdsourced Road View Photos with Deep Convolutional Neural Network.
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Synthesizing a Regional Territorial Evapotranspiration Dataset for Northern China.
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Spatial Allocation Method from Coarse Evapotranspiration Data to Agricultural Fields by Quantifying Variations in Crop Cover and Soil Moisture.
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Improving paragraph-level question generation with extended answer network and uncertainty-aware beam search.
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A sequence to sequence model for dialogue generation with gated mixture of topics.
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Quantifying the Contributions of Environmental Factors to Wind Characteristics over 2000-2019 in China.
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Knowledge forest: a novel model to organize knowledge fragments.
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Multi-task Learning for Multi-turn Dialogue Generation with Topic Drift Modeling.
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Test Sequence Generation Based on Chain Unique Input-Output Sequence in FSM Conformance Testing.
Proceedings of the CSSE 2021: 2021 4th International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, Singapore, October 22, 2021

Downscaling TRMM Monthly Precipitation Using Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Computing.
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Comparison of Different Cropland Classification Methods under Diversified Agroecological Conditions in the Zambezi River Basin.
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Assessing factors impacting the spatial discrepancy of remote sensing based cropland products: A case study in Africa.
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Spatiotemporal Analysis of Precipitation in the Sparsely Gauged Zambezi River Basin Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine.
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Determination of Appropriate Remote Sensing Indices for Spring Wheat Yield Estimation in Mongolia.
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Efficient Identification of Corn Cultivation Area with Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform.
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Location-Based Test Case Prioritization for Software Embedded in Mobile Devices Using the Law of Gravitation.
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Answering why-not questions on SPARQL queries.
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Extended Answer and Uncertainty Aware Neural Question Generation.
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DKG: An Expanded Knowledge Base for Online Course.
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Crop Phenology Detection Using High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Data Fused from SPOT5 and MODIS Products.
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Mapping Winter Wheat Biomass and Yield Using Time Series Data Blended from PROBA-V 100- and 300-m S1 Products.
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