Lingling Zhang

According to our database1, Lingling Zhang authored at least 46 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Efficient Hybrid Data Dissemination for Edge-Assisted Automated Driving.
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Low-Complexity Equalization of Orthogonal Signal-Division Multiplexing in Doubly-Selective Channels.
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2-Hopper: Accurately Estimate Individual and Social Attributes of Social Networks With Fewer Repeats via Random Walk.
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Integration of Multimodal Data for Breast Cancer Classification Using a Hybrid Deep Learning Method.
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Deep Semisupervised Zero-Shot Learning with Maximum Mean Discrepancy.
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Research on Technology Foresight Method Based on Intelligent Convergence in Open Network Environment.
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Research on Stock Price Forecast Based on News Sentiment Analysis - A Case Study of Alibaba.
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Social Media as a Tool to Look for People with Dementia Who Become Lost: Factors That Matter.
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Usability Assessment of a Web-Based Self-Directed Learning (SDL) System for Chinese Dementia Caregivers.
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Towards Answering Geography Questions in Gaokao: A Hybrid Approach.
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Distributed extreme learning machine with alternating direction method of multiplier.
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Fault detection in an engine by fusing information from multivibration sensors.
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Data, DIKW, Big Data and Data Science.
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The Sensitivity Analysis of a Customer Value Measurement Model.
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Prediction on Ecological Water Demand Based on Support Vector Machine.
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Factors Affecting Illegal Hacking Behavior.
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The International Children's Digital Library: Description and analysis of first use.
First Monday, 2003

IMPACTing SHOP: Putting an AI Planner Into a Multi-Agent Environment.
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