Ge Song

According to our database1, Ge Song authored at least 34 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Deep Memory Network for Cross-Modal Retrieval.
IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2019

Bayesian denoising hashing for robust image retrieval.
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Security-level switchable attribute-based encryption under the strictly weaker assumption family.
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A new finite-time cooperative control algorithm for uncertain multi-agent systems.
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Stability Analysis of Positive Polynomial Fuzzy-Model-Based Control Systems With Time Delay Under Imperfect Premise Matching.
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Real-Time Myocontrol of a Human-Computer Interface by Paretic Muscles After Stroke.
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RC-CNN: Reverse Connected Convolutional Neural Network for Accurate Player Detection.
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Minimum-Order Observer-Based Multivariable MRAC Systems.
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An Adaptive Consensus Control Scheme for Multi-Agent Systems with Persistent Switching Topology.
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Technology business incubators and regional economic convergence in China.
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Output-feedback tracking control for interval type-2 polynomial fuzzy-model-based control systems.
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Geometry Clipmaps Terrain Rendering Using Hardware Tessellation.
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Hierarchical deep hashing for image retrieval.
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A method of green litchi recognition in natural environment based on improved LDA classifier.
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Fragment Anomaly Detection With Prediction and Statistical Analysis for Satellite Telemetry.
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Cross-modal Retrieval via Memory Network.
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An adaptive state feedback control scheme with sensor failure compensation.
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Scalable Attribute-Based Encryption Under the Strictly Weaker Assumption Family.
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Deep Multi-level Hashing Codes for Image Retrieval.
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Short Text Classification: A Survey.
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A new ensemble method for multi-label data stream classification in non-stationary environment.
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An ultra-fast parallel architecture using sequential circuits computing on random bits.
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Proxy re-signature Scheme Based on Quadratic Residues.
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