Hui-Jia Li

According to our database1, Hui-Jia Li authored at least 38 papers between 2012 and 2022.

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Measuring the Network Vulnerability Based on Markov Criticality.
ACM Trans. Knowl. Discov. Data, 2022

Research on historical phase division of terrorism: An analysis method by time series complex network.
Neurocomputing, 2021

An effective and scalable overlapping community detection approach: Integrating social identity model and game theory.
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Complex networks from time series data allow an efficient historical stage division of urban air quality information.
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Graph K-means Based on Leader Identification, Dynamic Game, and Opinion Dynamics.
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Dynamical Clustering in Electronic Commerce Systems via Optimization and Leadership Expansion.
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Properties and structural analyses of USA's regional electricity market: A visibility graph network approach.
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Identifying Desirable Function Perturbations in Signaling Pathways Through Stochastic Analysis.
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Detecting Prosumer-Community Groups in Smart Grids From the Multiagent Perspective.
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Dynamic Cluster Formation Game for Attributed Graph Clustering.
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基于网络加权机制的动态迭代聚类算法 (Dynamical Network Clustering Algorithm Based on Weighting Strategy).
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中国航空复杂网络的结构特征与应用分析 (Analysis of Characteristics and Applications of Chinese Aviation Complex Network Structure).
计算机科学, 2019

Link prediction in temporal networks: Integrating survival analysis and game theory.
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An Effective Algorithm for Optimizing Surprise in Network Community Detection.
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Analysis of the Terrorist Organization Alliance Network Based on Complex Network Theory.
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Enhance the Performance of Network Computation by a Tunable Weighting Strategy.
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GLEAM: a graph clustering framework based on potential game optimization for large-scale social networks.
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基于势能背景信息的社团标签探测算法 (Community Label Detection Algorithm Based on Potential Background Information).
计算机科学, 2018

大数据环境下老年人失能失智因素关联 (Correlative Factors about Elderly Disabled and Dementia in Big Data Environments).
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基于相对熵的节点影响力测量方法 (Measuring Method of Node Influence Based on Relative Entropy).
计算机科学, 2018

A generalized game theoretic framework for mining communities in complex networks.
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基于多节点社团意识系统的属性图聚类算法 (Attributed Graph Clustering Algorithm Based on Cluster-aware Multiagent System).
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多智能体系构架下的属性图分布式聚类算法 (Distributed and Heterogeneous Multi-agent System for Attributed Graph Clustering).
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Explore of the fuzzy community structure integrating the directed line graph and likelihood optimization.
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CAMAS: A cluster-aware multiagent system for attributed graph clustering.
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Community detection based on significance optimization in complex networks.
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Fast and Accurate Mining the Community Structure: Integrating Center Locating and Membership Optimization.
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Game theory based emotional evolution analysis for chinese online reviews.
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近似线性时间的社团结构动态演化挖掘算法 (Near Linear Time Community Detection Algorithm Based on Dynamical Evolution).
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Scalably revealing the dynamics of soft community structure in complex networks.
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Detecting fuzzy network communities based on semi-supervised label propagation.
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基于新型局域世界的无线传感器网络模型研究 (Study of Wireless Sensor Network Model Based on Novel Local World Networks).
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The comparison of significance of fuzzy community partition across optimization methods.
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Identifying overlapping communities in social networks using multi-scale local information expansion.
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Analysis of stability of community structure across multiple hierarchical levels.
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Potts model based on a Markov process computation solves the community structure problem effectively.
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Measuring robustness of community structure in complex networks.
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The weighted tunable clustering in local-world networks with incremental behaviors
CoRR, 2012