Jia Yao

According to our database1, Jia Yao authored at least 27 papers between 1998 and 2023.

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Extension of OCC Controller for High-Voltage-Gain PFC Applications.
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Multioutput Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Intrinsic Elimination of the Photovoltaics Induced Leakage Current and High Boost Factor.
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A tiny charge-scaling in the OPLS-AA + L-OPLS force field delivers the realistic dynamics and structure of liquid primary alcohols.
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Study on strategy of CT image sequence segmentation for liver and tumor based on U-Net and Bi-ConvLSTM.
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Static Stability Analysis Based on Probabilistic Power Flow Calculation considering P2G Technology.
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A fully automatic surgical registration method for percutaneous abdominal puncture surgical navigation.
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Optimal Tuning of the Current Loop for Dual-Loop Controlled Grid-Forming Converters Based on Active Damping Optimization.
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Servomechanism Design for Robust Voltage Regulation of Single-Phase UPS Inverters.
Proceedings of the ISEEIE 2021: International Symposium on Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering, Seoul Republic of Korea, February 19, 2021

Switched-Capacitor Two-Output Multilevel Inverter (SCMLI) with Common Ground for Photovoltaic Applications.
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Tuning of Discrete Complex Proportional Integral Current Controller for Grid-Connected Converters Based on Critical Damping.
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Dynamic Analysis of the Switched Inductor Buck Converter.
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An Overview of Cloud Computing Testing Research.
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Hybrid Feature Learning Using Autoencoders for Early Prediction of Sepsis.
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Early Prediction of Sepsis via SMOTE Upsampling and Mutual Information Based Downsampling.
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Blood Coagulation Testing Smartphone Platform Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance Dissipation Method.
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SURI: Feature Selection Based on Unique Relevant Information for Health Data.
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Upper extremity prosthesis user perspectives on unmet needs and innovative technology.
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Interactive Image Retrieval over the Internet.
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