Jingang Lai

According to our database1, Jingang Lai authored at least 29 papers between 2014 and 2021.

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A Novel Secondary Power Management Strategy for Multiple AC Microgrids With Cluster-Oriented Two-Layer Cooperative Framework.
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Nonlinear Mean-Square Power Sharing Control for AC Microgrids Under Distributed Event Detection.
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Smart Households' Available Aggregated Capacity Day-ahead Forecast Model for Load Aggregators under Incentive-based Demand Response Program.
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Modular Web-Based Interactive Hybrid Laboratory Framework for Research and Education.
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Distributed Multiagent-Oriented Average Control for Voltage Restoration and Reactive Power Sharing of Autonomous Microgrids.
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Modeling and Decoupled Control of Inductive Power Transfer to Implement Constant Current/Voltage Charging and ZVS Operating for Electric Vehicles.
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